Delegations of Authority

Delegations of Authority are granted by the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) to enable government departments or agencies to license the re-use of Crown copyright material they produce outside the terms of the Open Government Licence. Delegations of Authority are only granted if there is a valid business case and following an assessment of suitability by the Information Policy (IP) team.

How to apply for a Delegation of Authority

  • Initial submissions should be drafted in accordance with the delegation checklist and sent to the IP team at:
  • Applications will be reviewed by the IP team to ensure the material cannot be re-used under the OGL, and to measure suitability against the appropriate criteria
  • If there is a valid case for a Delegation, a formal submission will be prepared for the review and approval of the Controller of HMSO
  • If approved, formal Delegation documentation will be drawn up by the IP team and executed by the Controller of HMSO

Workflow diagram of application process (PDF, 0.19 MB)

The Controller of HMSO has granted a unique and specific delegation to all Crown bodies, government departments and agencies, to enable them to license the re-use of government departmental logos, identifiers and marks.