Thorough planning is essential for good information management. You need to secure support from senior management for this work and ensure that you have the right people involved across your organisation. You should also have a clear understanding of your business requirements and compliance requirements under legislation such as the Public Records and Freedom of Information Acts.

The National Archives is working to promote compliance with the Code of Practice on the management of records in all public authorities.

The information principles enable organisations across the public sector to become increasingly aligned in their use and management of information (both structured and unstructured), drawing on their own local strategy and practices from a common set of principles and best practices.

Public inquiries investigate issues of serious public concern, scrutinising past decisions and events. It is therefore crucial that information created or used during the course of an inquiry is managed to ensure its survival for future policy makers and researchers.

This guidance identifies the issues an organisation needs to address when developing a specification for an offsite store for physical records.