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Details: Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Alton

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Present name

Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital 

Previous name(s)

Lord Mayor Treloar Cripples Home and College (1907 - 1908)
Lord Mayor Treloar Cripples Hospital and College (1908 - ?)
Lord Mayor Treloar Orthopaedic Hospital 1951  



Foundation Year




Closure year


Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)

South West Metropolitan 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)


Regional Health Authority (1982- )


District Health Authority (1974-82)

Basingstoke and North Hampshire 

District Health Authority (1982- )

Basingstoke and North Hampshire 

County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)


County (after 1996)

Not applicable 


Pre 1948


Post 1948



Pre 1948

Tuberculosis, Children, Orthopaedic Hospital

Post 1948

Orthopaedic Hospital

Other information

Originally built by public subscription in 1901 for sick and wounded soldiers returning from Boer War (Then named Princess Louise Hospital) but war ended before hospital commissioned 1903 - 1905 hospital used as RAMC unit under SOC Aldershot. Taken over in 1907 by Sir William Purdie Treloar in dilapidated state, established hospital for treatment of children suffering from TB disease of limbs or joints and training of crippled boys 14 - 18 in skilled handicraft so could earn own living. Tilton Cottage Hospital (later Lawood Hospital) established 1868 by Reverend C Causton for treatment of poor. It was supported by voluntary subscriptions. Rebuilding in different way in 1880 to designs by Charles Barry.

Records can be found at:


  Hampshire Record Office

Record type

Date range


1908 - 2000


1909 - 1971


1909 - 2000


1908 - 1940


1926 - 1989


1910 - 1991



Clinical & Patients

1914 - 1951

Finding aids

Finding aids

Brief Guide(BG)

Location of finding aids

At Repository(AR)


Draft Catalogue. 47M94/120A09


Correspondence 1900 - 1990 Mortuary register 1918 - 1966 Clinical photographs 1914 - 1951; baptism registers 1909-2000; plans and blueprints c. 1920-1975

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