Propaganda and the art of war

Mass bomber raid on Cologne (INF 3/1603)
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How did the British government encourage people to support the war?

This session examines propaganda used by the British government to encourage civilians to contribute to the war effort. Students analyse photographs, film and posters produced by the Ministry of Information, and compare their effectiveness in conveying powerful messages to a mass audience.

Throughout this session, students use their observation, analysis and questioning skills, build on their knowledge of the Second World War and develop their understanding of propaganda. Those visiting onsite have the opportunity to work with the original artworks submitted by artists to the British government.

Propaganda and the art of war can be delivered as a workshop, videoconference or virtual classroom. Find otu more about the types of session we offer.

Comments after the session reflected how inspiring [students] had found looking at real life documents and video footage. It gave them a better understanding of aspects of the war.

KS2 Teacher

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at The National Archives

2 hours

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1 hour


in your classroom

1 hour

Available: All year

Cost: Free to UK schools

Suitability: Key stage 2

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