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Major accessions to repositories in 2015 relating to Medieval and Early Modern


Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives: Town House branch

  • Peterkins, solicitors, Aberdeen: additional clients papers incl Innes family of Raemoir 1499-1935 (Accession 2318)

Ayrshire Archives

  • Boswell family of Auchinleck: collected family papers incl charters 1555-1794 (Acc 15/449)

Bath Record Office

  • Copy deeds and documents, land at Kingsmeade, property of the Hayne and Bragge families, formerly part of the Manor of Walcot 1604-1860 (0028F)
  • Deeds (12) rel to villages in Wiltshire 1437-1460 (0028G)
  • Deeds (16) to property owned by the Colthurst Family, lands in Lyncombe and Widcombe, and Abbey Green, Bath 1629-1719 (0028S)

Berkshire Record Office

  • Petwick manor court books, with deeds register and papers (transferred from Oxfordshire History Centre) 1577-1589 (D/EX2525)

Bromley Historic Collections

  • Sir Thomas Walsingham (d 1669), MP, Vice Admiral of Kent: lease of land for 21 years between Sir Thomas Walsingham of Chislehurst, knight, and John Wilye of Eltham, yeoman 1626 (Accession 2015/020)

Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library

  • Simon Hare (c1300-1370), of Canterbury: grant to John of Sheldwich 1344 (U588/1)
  • St Nicholas parish, Ash, Kent: registers, churchwardens' accounts, vestry and PCC minutes, tithe documents and other parish records 1558-2015 (U3-274)
  • Fragment from Sarum Breviary 15th cent (U560)

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • Feoffment of a quarter yard land (described in a schedule) by Frances Lambert, John Lambert, Edward Richardson and John Nicholls to Robert Philpott for 33 1626 (AR 33/2015)
  • Conveyance of the advowson of Milton Keynes, with transfer of land of one messuage in Morton 1510, 1513 (AR 72/2015)

Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Deed for one messuage at Churton, to Elene Crompe and her heirs 1377 (D 8781)

Cornwall Record Office

  • Marhamchurch Parish Church: church records 1651-1969 (P137)

Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Whitehaven

  • Dickinson family of Lamplugh and Ennerdale: records and papers incl title deeds, estate papers, family and household papers, account books, surveys, maps, parchment booklet listing family births, marriages and deaths, newspaper cuttings, estate notebooks and diaries c1650-2015 (DDI)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Deed, Kentisbury (with transcripts) 1420 (ZADK)

Dorset History Centre

  • Gillingham manor presentments (in English) 1438 (D-2684)

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies Service

  • Strickland-Constable family of Wassand: diary of Lady Margaret Strickland-Constable, grant of baronetcy to Sir William Strickland 1641-1953 (DDST)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Lord family of Salehurst: cartulary of deeds rel to Martham and Beechland (compiled 1670) 1515-1670 (ACC 12130)
  • St Thomas at Cliffe parish, Lewes: feoffees' deeds and papers c1603-2015 (ACC 12198)
  • Duddleswell manor court roll 1561 (AMS 7127)
  • Herstmonceux manor court roll 1382 (ACC 12237)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Don-Wauchope family, baronets, of Edmonstone and Newton: misc documents and plans 1482-1827 (Accession 1015)

Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive

  • Hunsden family of Enfield: family papers 1657-1921 (MA3)

Essex Record Office

  • Little Witham (alias Powers Hall) manor court rolls, court books, rentals 1639-1912 (A14155)

Explore York Libraries & Archives

  • William Peckitt (1731-1795), glass painter: papers 1679-1796 (PEC)

Gwent Archives

  • Newport Borough Council: borough charters 1427, 1623 (D6150)
  • Lordship and Manor of Tregrug: court roll 1612-1617 (D6147)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Blackden family of Tring and Aylesbury: indentures, settlements and leases in connection with the Blackden family 1676-1805 (Acc 5761)

Highland Archives

  • Chisholm family of Chisholm: additional deeds and papers 16th-18th cent (D1042)
  • Mackenzie-Gillanders family of Highfield: legal,estate and some family papers 17th-20th cent (D1479)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • Owston and Newbold Parish Council: accounts books c1671-1863 (DE9061)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Walpole family, Barons Walpole of Wolterton, formerly Earls of Orford (second creation): personal and estate papers incl accounts, corresp, legal papers, maps and plans; business records for Saracen's Garage, the Saracen's Head and Walpole's (Wolterton) Ltd; personal papers of Horatio Walpole (1678-1757) and later Walpoles; reports on Wolterton Hall 15th cent-2010 (Acc 2015/18; Acc 2015/42)
  • East Rudham manor: court leet book 1609-1621 (MC 3181)
  • Beetley manor court books (with East Bilney and Tofts) 1588-1876 (Acc 2015/165)

North East Lincolnshire Archives

  • Sheffield family, baronets, of Normanby Hall: title deeds, includes deeds rel to property in the north of Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Middlesex and Essex c1219-1901 (524)

Northamptonshire Archives

  • St Andrews Priory, Northampton: farm accounts and pensions due to Prior William Hamond c1472-1473 (N122)
  • Deed of the title of the priviledge of keeping the Royal Buckhounds in Northamptonshire 1602 (N123)

Sheffield City Archives

  • St John the Baptist parish, Wales: parish registers, churchwardens' accounts, vestry meeting minutes, parochial church council meeting minutes, with overseers' minutes and accounts 1578-2010 (2015/94; 2-15/95)

Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Malet family, baronets, of Wilbury: additional papers 1116-2014 (A\DYS)
  • Maperton manor (with others): maps, account rolls and court rolls (from Victoria County History) 1358-2008 (T\PH\vch)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Hervey family, Marquesses of Bristol, Suffolk: archives of 8th Marquess of Bristol (closed pending detailed listing) c1585-1991 (HA572)
  • Ousden manor court books and minute books 1604-1915 (HB502)
  • Accounts entitled "Bures" 1671 (HD3301)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Blocks, solicitors, Ipswich: deeds 1587-1973 (HB112)
  • Walsham Hall manor court book 1579-1620 (HD4013)
  • A true and perfect terrier of all singular lands and tenements of Nicholas Greene of Mendham 1623 (HD4013)

Surrey History Centre

  • Deed of grant for land in Lingfield 1480 (9481)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Deed of gift, Woodmancote 1433 (17881)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford

  • Addingham manor court roll 1628-1635 (WYB685)

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service

  • Worcester City Council: city charters 1189-1685 (15863)
  • Shrawley manor court roll 1511 (15801)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Worcester Cathedral Priory: rental of the lands of Worcester Cathedral Priory 1240-1365 (Add MS 89137)
  • Miniature prayer book c1540 (Add MS 89144)

British Library, Music Collections

  • Christopher Jarvis Haley Hogwood (1941-2014), conductor and musicologist: music manuscripts from his estate c1600-1999 (Music Deposit 2015/19)

Island Archives, Guernsey

  • JH Lenfestey (1934-2012), archivist: antiquarian collection of deeds formerly in the possesion of T F Priaulx (1906-1996) 1388-1810 (AQ 1475)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • License of confirmation for the consecration of Henry Gower as Bishop of St David's (or Menevia) 1328 (NLW MS 24068G)
  • Manuscript pedigree and narrative chronicle of the Earldom of Pembroke, by George Owen, Welsh herald 1624-1630 (NLW MS 24076)


Lambeth Palace Library

  • Broughton parish: Missal (Use of York) early 15th cent (MS 5066)

St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives

  • Survey of tenants occupying property confiscated from the former Priory of St Bartholomew 1561 (SBHG2015/23)

Wellcome Collection

  • Holborow household medicinal and culinary recipe book c1650 (MS9179)


Aberdeen University, Special Collections Centre

  • Burnett family, baronets, of Leys: additional papers 12th-19th cent (MS 3361)

Borthwick Institute for Archives: University of York

  • Procter, Richardson and Adams family of York: corresp, account books, photographs, journals, sketch books, memorabilia c1600-2000 (2015/077)

Cambridge University Library: Department of Archives and Modern Manuscripts

  • Robert Sherborne (fl 1662), clergyman: notes for sermons, identified as by both Robert Sherborne senior and junior c1662-1670 (MS Add. 10083)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Document issued by Prince John, Duke of Bedford and Regent of France (1389-1435) and John Fitzalan, 7th Earl of Arundel (1408-1435) transferring to Guybon Barde and his men the guard and control of Alencon, previously held by Sir Robert Harling (d 1435), knight in the service of Sir John Fastolf (1380-1459) 1433 (ADD)
  • Indenture agreement between Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York (1411-1460) and Jean Salvain (aka Sir John Salvin, fl 1424-1444), Captain of Chateau Gaillard, for the defence of the Chateau for one year 1444 (ADD)
  • Leaves (2) from the "Life of St Thomas the Apostle" and the "Lives of Saints" c1100 (ADD)
  • Deeds and charters (28) granting gifts of land and property in West Yorkshire to the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitallers early 13th cent (ADD)
  • Edwardian scrapbook containing earlier correspondence c1610-1869 (ADD)
  • Theology manuscript fragment 14th cent (DCD)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • Smith family of Selby: will and indenture 17th cent (11294)
  • John Goodricke, author and prison of the Tower of London: manuscript copy of "De Rerum Anglicanum Historia" [History of England in Latin] c1650 (11787)

St Andrews University Library

  • Sir Anthony Mildmay (d 1617), diplomat: passport issued by Elizabeth I 1595 (ms38968)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Compilation of historical texts from library of St Mary's Abbey, Dublin 14th cent (IE TCD MS 15000)