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King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives: 2013 Accessions

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  • Robert Carew Anderson, Surgeon Major: corresp to his wife from the Siege of Sebastopol, Crimean War (1854-1855) and group photograph of Anderson and members of 13 Light Dragoons 1854-1855 (R C Anderson)
  • Sir Charles Alexander Anderson, Lieutenant General: papers rel to military career, incl service in India, Afghanistan, Burma and on the Western Front during the First World War 1874-1920 (C A Anderson)
  • Michael Anthony Ormus Biddulph, Commander: midshipman's journals rel to service in HMS Royal Sovereign, 1 Battle Squadron, Atlantic Fleet in the Mediterranean and off the coast of Scotland 1919-1920 (Biddulph)
  • Sir George Clutton, diplomat: papers, incl press cuttings, corresp and photographs rel to his appointment as Ambassador to the Philippines, 1955, and rel to his death and funeral in 1970 1955-1984 (Clutton)
  • Timothy Leland Crosthwait, diplomat: papers and corresp rel to the end of the British-run Indian Civil Service 1947-1948 (Crosthwait)
  • Bernard Francis Castle Floud, Labour MP: photographs and papers rel to a tour of China, 1938, as part of a League of Nations student delegation 1938 (Floud)
  • William Edward Grey, Captain: papers and corresp rel to his service in the Aircraft Equipment Directorate (1916-1918) 1916-1918 (Grey)
  • Victor Gallafent Gurner, Rear Admiral: digital copies of photographs and papers rel to his extensive voyages, incl Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Japan, Korea, China, Samoa and the New Hebrides 1882-1926 (Gurner)
  • Arthur Ronald Heald, Lieutenant Colonel: papers rel to his military and literary career, incl a copy diary of his service with Royal Corps of Signals, Western Desert (1940-1941), and copies of some of his articles for Punch magazine 1933-1952 (Heald)
  • David Ronald Kelly, Lieutenant Colonel: expenditure book for RA Garrison church, Shoeburyness, where Kelly was treasurer, and photographs from Italy, Cyprus and Egypt, incl Royall Artillery desert exercises, 1952 1884-1953 (Kelly)
  • Alfred Morris, Baron Morris, politician: papers rel to his work as Parliamentary Advisor to the Royal British Legion, chiefly rel to enquiries into Gulf War illness 1990s-2000s (A Morris)
  • Ralph Dudley Neville, Brigadier: diaries with photographs of his service with the Royal Artillery in Abyssinia and North Africa during World War II 1941-1943 (Neville)
  • Duncan Pearson, soldier and military consultant: diary and photographs rel to his work as a military consultant, Yemen 1966-1967 (Pearson)
  • Sir William Ronald Campbell Penney, Major General: additional papers, incl corresp and an account of a visit to the Philippines and China by Penney, 1945 1942-1956 (Penney)
  • Harry Chapman Pincher, journalist and author: papers rel to his investigative journalism on British-Soviet espionage during the Cold War, and scrapbooks of his published articles, chiefly for the Daily Express 1937-2009 (Pincher)
  • Richard Francis Albert Shegog, civil servant: corresp, notes and photographs rel to travels in Africa, incl to Eritrea, Somaliland, Kenya and Rhodesia 1948-1962 (Shegog)
  • Brook Lapping Productions Ltd, documentary film makers: digital files and papers, chiefly of interviews and background information compiled for 'The Iraq War' television documentary, first broadcast 2013 2013 (IRAQ WAR)