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Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Archives: 2013 Accessions

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  • Thomas Earnshaw Calverley, electrical engineer: papers 1907-2005 (SC MSS 249)
  • John Earnshaw Calverley, electrical engineer, co-inventor of the transverter: papers 1907-2005 (SC MSS 248)
  • Ronald M Godfrey, electrical engineer: photographs of electrical equipment developments 1943-1986 (SC MSS 252)
  • WS Thomson, electrical engineer: research manuscript and papers 1936-1981 (SC MSS 247)
  • British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd, manufacturers of electrical machinery and equipment: films rel to work on light bulb manufacture and sound on film 1920-1940 (IET/SPE/3/6/55-56)
  • North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Co, Wood Green: records 1906-2013 (SC MSS 250)
  • Institution of Electrical Engineers, Newcastle Section: minutes 1913-1921 (IET)