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Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch: 2010 Accessions

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  • Holt-Wilson family of Redgrave Hall: Redgrave estate letter book 1917-1925 (HA240)
  • Ipswich & Suffolk Permanent Benefit Building Society: additional records, incl register of title deeds, landlords rent book, mortgage account volumes (2) and expense account ledger 1933-1985 (GF419)
  • Oxborrow, Son & Morgan, auctioneers and surveyors, Ipswich: rental books (18) for properties in Ipswich, cash books (9), book of work undertaken and misc papers 1913-1971 (HE403)
  • James Smyth & Sons Ltd, agricultural implement manufacturers, Peasenhall: addnl records, incl stock register and corresp 1923-1961 (HC23)
  • CK Squirrell & Sons Ltd, corn merchants, Bildeston: financial records 1908-1986 (HC494)
  • Turner, Martin & Symes, solicitors, Ipswich: papers rel to properties in Woodbridge 17th-20th cent (HB441)
  • Blythburgh and District Hospital: additional records, incl register of inmates, patients registers, committee visitors report and deaths registers 1914-1994 (ID411)
  • Bramford Parish Council: additional records, incl William Acton Charity (1991-2005), Bramford Charity trustees minute book (1950-1975), Charity trustees cash book for accounts (1940-2004) and Bramford Old Peoples Outing & Comfort Fund account book (1959-2003) 1926-2003 (EG4)
  • Burgh Charities: accounts and minutes 1895-1992 (GB461)
  • Chantry Methodist Church, Ipswich: marriage registers, trustees treasurer's accounts, council meeting minutes and other records 1952-2003 (FK1/1:16095)
  • Copdock and Washbrook Parish Council: additional records, incl minutes, corresp, accounts, payments and receipts, allotments register and rental account book 1951-2008 (EG25)
  • Farnham Parish Council: minutes, deeds and other records 1938-2005 (EG175)
  • Felixstowe Petty Sessions: magistrate court registers (2) and juvenile court registers (4) 1972-1981 (BB16)
  • Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, Ipswich district: additional records incl minute books, financial records, resolution books, examination books, investment registers and declaration books c1840-2000 (GF415)
  • Ipswich Borough Petty Sessions: magistrates court registers, (9) juvenile court registers (14), domestic court registers (4) and adoption register 1969-1986 (BB15)
  • Ipswich Free Church Federal Council: executive and committee meeting minutes 1937-1946 (GC627)
  • Ipswich Orchestral Society: petty expenses account book, attendance register, minutes and annual reports, photographs and misc papers 20th cent (GC36)
  • Ipswich Blind Society: various committee minutes rel to St Felix Home 1997-2008 (GC29)
  • Ipswich Constituency Labour Party: additional records 1957-2009 (GK400)
  • Mark Master Masons of England, Albert Victor Lodge 70: minutes accounts, declaration books, building fund books, presence book, members book and signature books 1864-2000 (GC803)
  • Orwell Petty Sessions: magistrate court registers (2) and juvenile court registers (3) 1974-1981 (BB17)
  • Otley Parish Council: Otley parish hut minutes and accounts, and Missionary Association minutes 1942-1975 (EG130)
  • Otley Womens Institute: committee meeting minutes, record book, photographs, newscuttings and misc papers 1959-1988 (GH25)
  • Peasenhall and District Labour Party: minute book, members list and misc papers 1953-1956 (GK406)
  • Pinewood and District Community Hall Association: minutes, corresp and newsletters 1997-2010 (GB462)
  • Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults (MENCAP), Woodbridge and district branch: records 1969-2009 (GB460)
  • Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Woolverstone: records 1845-2005 (GC805)
  • Royal British Legion, Shotley, Ewarton and District branch: branch meeting minute books (3) and membership forms 1948-2003 (GB463)
  • Royal Ark Mariners of England, Henniker Lodge no 70: minutes, accounts, presence book, cash book and members book 1889-1996 (GC803)
  • St Mary parish, Higham: additional records, incl burial, marriages and services registers and Parochial Church Council and annual meeting minutes 1813-2009 (FB74)
  • Stonham Parva Parish Council: minutes 2000-2006 (EG137)
  • Stratford St Andrew Parish Council: minutes, receipt and payment book and other records 1938-2005 (EG175)
  • Stratford St Mary Womens Institute: record books (5), committee meeting minute books (5), programme book, attendance registers (29), president and secretary reports, Stourside Group 22 committee group meeting minutes and misc papers 1963-2007 (GH11)
  • Stutton Methodist Church: council minutes, collections journal, visitors book, receipts and expenditure account book amd misc papers 1981-2010 (FK1/1:16119)
  • Suffolk Records Society: membership register and subscription registers 1958-1999 (GC677)
  • Victoria County History of Suffolk: research notes 1899-1908 (HD2828)
  • Whitehouse Junior School, Ipswich: log book 1950-1986 (DC5)
  • Wickham Market Parish Council: highway surveyors account books 1878-1884 (EG62)
  • Wilby parish: additional records, incl churchwardens account book 1554-1584 (in poor condition), deeds (1346/7 and 1534/54) rel to town lands and town book containing churchwardens' accounts (1605-1789) 1346-1961 (FC88)
  • Witnesham and Otley Nursing Association: minute book 1941-1953 (GC804)
  • Woodbridge Petty Sessions: additional magistrate court registers (2) and juvenile court registers (2) 1970-1982 (BB11)
  • Worlingworth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School: log books, stock and stores account book, sales account book amd misc papers 1874-1986 (A2219)
  • Redgrave manorial accounts 1374-1375 (HD2826)