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British Library, Manuscript Collections: 2009 Accessions

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  • Petty-Fitzmaurice family, Marquesses of Lansdowne: Bowood papers c1700-1899 (Add. 88906)
  • Sir Basil Phillott Blackett, financier: papers c1900-1935 (Add. 88888)
  • Anthony Frederick Blunt, art historian and spy: memoir c1900-1983 (Add. 88902)
  • Phyllis Bottome, writer: additional papers 20th cent (Add. 88921)
  • Dorothea Braby, illustrator and graphic artist: papers 1949-1988 (Add. 88910)
  • Isabel Burton, biographer, wife of Sir Richard Burton: papers incl corresp with Sir Richard Burton c1840-1911 (Add. 88861-77)
  • Sir Richard Francis Burton, explorer and diplomat: papers incl corresp with Isabel Burton c1840-1911 (Add. 88861-77)
  • Adolphus Frederick Cambridge, 1st Duke of Cambridge, Field Marshal: papers 18th-20th cent (Add. 88883)
  • George William Frederick Charles Cambridge, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, Field Marshal: papers 18th-20th cent (Add. 88883)
  • Angela Olive Carter, author and journalist: papers 1887-2002 (Add. 88899)
  • Alan Clodd, publisher and book collector: records incl papers rel to Kathleen Raine c1918-2002 (Add. 88620-74)
  • Robert Walter Cobbing, poet: papers c1900-2002 (Add. 88909)
  • Charles John Huffam Dickens, novelist and journalist: publishing and personal papers 1837-1897 (Add. 88903)
  • William Fullerton Elphinstone, Director of East India Co: letters to Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith 1795-1822 (Add. 88913)
  • Chichester Samuel Parkinson-Fortescue, Baron Carlingford 2nd Baron Clermont, statesman: diaries 1869, 1871 (Add. 88912)
  • James Louis Garvin, newspaper editor: additional papers c1875-1948 (Add. 88882)
  • Peter Gill, OBE, playwright and theatre director: papers 1911-2006 (Add. 88898)
  • Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Baron Stanmore, colonial governor: papers diaries and letters 1875-1899 (Add. 88857-77)
  • Nell Gwyn, actress and mistress of Charles II: documents rel to life and the Restoration court 1660-1719 (Add. 88923)
  • Ronald Harwood, writer: papers 20th cent (Add. 88881)
  • Edward James Hughes, poet: additional papers 20th cent (Add. 88918)
  • Henry Jenner, scholar of Celtic languages and librarian: papers 1873-1934 (Add. 88884)
  • Philip Arthur Larkin, poet: papers incl paper rel to B.C. Bloomfield, Larkin's bibliographer c1900-1999 (Add. 88911)
  • Sir Donald Arthur Logan, diplomat: memoir rel to Suez 1986-2007 (Add. 88895)
  • Charlotte Malkin, wife of Benjamin Heath Malkin, schoolmaster and antiquary: memoir 1823 (Add. 88901)
  • Richard March, editor of Poetry London magazine: papers 1936-1979 (Add. 88908)
  • Ottoline Violet Anne Morrell, hostess and literary patron: papers 1896-1938 (Add. 88886)
  • Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford: papers 1792-1833 (Add. 88900)
  • Spencer Perceval, statesman: papers incl corresp 1802-1833 (Add. 88914)
  • Harold Pinter, actor and playwright: papers 20th-21st cent (Add. 88880, Add. 88920)
  • Anthony Dymoke Powell, novelist: corresp with Violet Powell and Judith Medlicott 1988-2000 (Add. 88922)
  • Kathleen Jessie Raine, poet: papers, journals and notebooks 1880-2003 (Add. 88675-856, Add. 88620-74)
  • Graham Colin Swift, author: papers c1970-2005 (Add. 88919)
  • Julian Gustave Symons, author: papers 1938-1995 (Add. 88890)
  • Meary James Thurairajah Tambimuttu, editor and poet: papers 1938-1972 (Add. 88907)
  • Alice Thornton, autobiographer: mss autobiography 1668-1707 (Add. 88897)
  • John Waller: diaries 1929-1986 (Add. 88885)
  • Bernard Quaritch Ltd, antiquarian bookseller, London: papers rel to Edmund Hunt Dring, managing director 1877-1965 (Add. 88916)
  • Margaret Ramsay Limited, literary agents, London: papers 1953-1992 (Add. 88915)
  • Virago Press Ltd, London: papers 1954-2008 (Add. 88904)
  • Kirkstead Abbey: psalter c1300 (Add. 88905)
  • Lord Chamberlain of the Household: theatre files, second series 1935-1951 (Add. 88891)
  • Macclesfield Alphabet Book c1500 (Add. 88887)
  • Leaves from Book of Hours by Brussels Initials Master c15th cent (Add. 88889)
  • 'An epitaph upon Kinge James' mss poem, attributed to George Morley, Bishop of Winchester 17th cent (Add. 88893)