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Jersey Archive: 2005 Accessions

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  • d'Authreau family of Jersey: family papers incl documents rel to C H d'Authreau's receipt of the French Medal of Honour and corresp from the Second World War 1917-1945 (JA/1023)
  • Jacklin family of Jersey: occupation records incl red cross messages 1940-1945 (JA/1013)
  • Le Cras family of Jersey: family papers, including records rel to the Gibaut and Sinel families (JA/1051)
  • Maillard family of Jersey: contracts and papers 1870-1949 (JA/1094)
  • Morley family of Jersey: corresp and photographs 1800-2000 (JA/1046)
  • Renouf and Deslandes families, Jersey: contracts from the Public Registry concerning the Renouf family 19th cent (JA/988)
  • Claude Cahun, photographer and sculptor: photographs, negatives and papers 1910-1969 (JA/1028)
  • A S H Dickinson, prisoner of war: sketches, songs, poems produced while interned at Biberach Camp 1942-1945 (JA/1095)
  • Ann Street Brewery, Jersey: records 1880-1980 (JA/1056)
  • Ernest Farley & Son, building contractors, Jersey: corresp, accounts, contracts and ephemera 1930-1949 (JA/980)
  • GHF Flory, pharmacist, Jersey: cash books 1940-1989 (JA/1014)
  • Jersey Telecom: maps and corresp concerning the network 1910-1969 (JA/1085)
  • Jersey Motor Transport Company Ltd: minutes, accounts, plans, timetables and photographs 1800-2000 (JA/1026)
  • Jersey Gas Co Ltd: minutes, accounts, plans and photographs 1856-1989 (JA/1000)
  • Jersey Telecom: minutes and statistics 1950-1966 (JA/1081)
  • A E Smith & Son Ltd, Jersey: minutes, accounts, plans and papers 1930-1999 (JA/1012)
  • Alsatian (GSD) Training Club, Jersey: minutes and papers 1970-2000 (JA/1062)
  • Channel Islands Occupation Society: additional records, printed material, plans and drawings 1940-1978 (JA/1099)
  • Channel Islands Methodist Church: additional records 1839-1991 (JA/1077)
  • Channel Islands Methodist Church: records 1900-2000 (JA/1055)
  • Channel Islands Occupation Society: additional records 1940-1999 (JA/987)
  • HM Prison, La Moye: register of prisoners for transportation, admission registers, punishment books and accounts 1840-1979 (JA/1044)
  • Hoi-Polloi: log book 1995-2000 (JA/1087)
  • Island Players, Jersey: minutes, photographs and papers 1949-2001 (JA/1027)
  • Jersey Superintendant Registrar: corresp and receipts 1860-1929 (JA/1080)
  • Jersey Public Services Department: project files and papers rel to construction of the Cavern at Fort Regent 1992-2002 (JA/1063)
  • Jersey Public Services Department: plans 1800-2000 (JA/1029)
  • Jersey General Hospital and Poor Law Infirmary: baptism register, register of services from the hospital chapel and Sandybrook Hospital 1878-2001 (JA/1021)
  • Jersey Harbours Department: additional records 1970-1989 (JA/997)
  • Jersey Speakers Club: membership records, minutes, corresp and accounts 1980-1999 (JA/979)
  • Jersey General Hospital and Poor Law Infirmary: records of Chaplain's visits 1878-1884 (JA/976)
  • Judicial Greffe: Patentes Royales 1899-1995 (JA/990)
  • Judicial Greffe: jury lists, reports of the Juge-Commissaire, arbitrations, registration and naturalisation book, wages book 1905-2002 (JA/1022)
  • Judicial Greffe: Visites Royales register 1919-1978 (JA/1052)
  • Judicial Greffe: probate records 1976-1985 (JA/1086)
  • Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey: additional records 1794-1999 (JA/1078)
  • St Peter parish, Jersey: minutes and papers 1639-1999 (JA/1079)
  • St Saviour parish: roads committee minutes, accounts and papers 1750-1999 (JA/1040)
  • St Brelades parish, Jersey: records incl minutes and accounts of the parish and the roads committee 1800-2000 (JA/1036)
  • St Mary parish, Jersey: records 1677-1989 (JA/999)
  • St John's Ambulance Association and Brigade: Jersey Division: additional records, minutes, accounts, registers and rotas 1939-1998 (JA/1053)
  • St Martin parish, Jersey: roads committee minute book 1911-1963 (JA/977)
  • States Greffe: Liberation 60 papers, Board of Trade enquiry into the stranding of the SS St Patrick and Prison Committee minutes 1932-2005 (JA/1069)
  • States Greffe: plans (5) of New States House 1886 (JA/1097)
  • Toc H: St Helier branch: additional records 1940-1979 (JA/1072)
  • Trinity parish, Jersey: registers and papers 1625-2002 (JA/1061)
  • Trinity parish, Jersey: additional records 1808-1999 (JA/1084)
  • Bail à fin d'Héritage between Georges Gallichan and Greigoere Le Ber 1585 (JA/985)
  • Family papers of the de Gruchy and Queree families, incl contracts, shipping sales and rent books 1500-1999 (JA/1011)
  • Additional records of Major H Le Brocq rel to the Royal Jersey Militia and Liberation of the Channel Islands by Force 135 1900-1989 (JA/994)