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Three women linking arms. Cat ref: Coal 80/673/013 Accessions to repositories
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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 2004 Accessions

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  • Graham family of Airth: additional family papers 18th cent-19th cent (Acc.12290)
  • Lockhart family, baronets, of Lee and Carnwath: additional estate papers c1860-1950 (Acc.12344)
  • Nancy Angus: diaries rel to life in Chile and London 1907-1960 (Acc.12365)
  • John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, novelist, historian, MP, governor-general of Canada: additional literary MSS and papers 1898-1940 (Acc.12329)
  • Lionel Henry Daiches, advocate: corresp and papers (Acc.12278)
  • Sir Frank Fraser Darling, ecologist: additional literary MSS 1938-65 (Acc.12334)
  • Emile Joseph Dillon, philologist, author and journalist: papers 1875-1912 (Acc.12382)
  • David Douglas, bookseller and publisher: scrapbooks containing memoirs of his life and professional career 1847-1903 (Acc.12309)
  • John Telfer Dunbar, costume historian: additional papers and prints (Acc.12390)
  • Margaret Elphinstone, author: additional literary papers 1988-2003 (Acc.12457)
  • Alison Fell, poet and novelist: literary papers 1974-2001 (Acc.12394)
  • Alastair David Shaw Fowler, poet and scholar: additional corresp 1970-73, 2000-03 (Acc.12377)
  • Angus Graham, architectural historian: additional corresp and literary papers (Acc.12318)
  • James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, MP: papers rel to Rudolf Hess 1970-2004 (Acc.12412)
  • James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, MP: papers rel to the 10th and 11th Earls of Selkirk and the Selkirk peerage 1945-2004 (Acc.12413)
  • Sir Theodore Martin, biographer: additional papers, cuttings etc c1844-1901 (Acc.12323)
  • Sean Rafferty, poet: literary papers (Acc.12351)
  • Alastair Reid, poet: additional literary papers 1951-2003 (Acc.12450)
  • Sir Lewis Robertson, administrator and industrialist: additional corresp and papers c1991-2003 (Acc.12345)
  • Neil Ross, Church of Scotland minister and gaelic scholar: papers (Acc.12354)
  • Elizabeth Sandford, traveller: travel journals, notes and photographs 1951-87 (Acc.12437)
  • Thomas Blantyre Simpson, Sheriff of Perth and Angus: literary papers 1946-48 (Acc.12452)
  • Sir George Adam Smith, Old Testament scholar: additional papers 1897-1998 (Acc.12452)
  • Janet Buchanan Adam Smith, author and journalist: additional papers 1928-2000 (Acc.12342)
  • Alison Stewart, author: literary papers c1930-60 (Acc.12326)
  • Robert Waterston, printer and stationer: papers, mainly rel to Waterston family and to George Waterston & Sons Ltd, printers, stationers and sealing wax manufacturers, Edinburgh 18th cent-20th cent (Acc.12330)
  • Canongate Publishing Ltd, Edinburgh: corresp and papers rel to the the publication of the Canongate Classics series 1985-2003 (Acc.12340)
  • Morning Star Press, Edinburgh: additional papers 1998-2002 (Acc.12327)
  • North Angus Co-operative Society Ltd: minutes, financial and other records of predecessor societies 1861-1984 (Acc.12383)
  • Raymond Press, Cullen: records, mainly sample books 1967-1997 (Acc.12322)
  • James Thin Ltd, booksellers, Edinburgh: accounts, administrative and staff records incl papers rel to Bristo Street Secession Church 1848-2004 (Acc.12384)
  • Clan Mackay Society: additional minute books, library catalogues and related papers (Acc.12350)
  • Clan Gregor Society: additional genealogical material (Acc.12235)
  • Edinburgh Chopin Circle: records 1967-2003 (Acc.12352)
  • Edinburgh Festival Society Ltd: additional papers 1992-2001 (Acc.12296)
  • Glasgow Moray and Banffshire Friendly Society: minutes 1893-1944 (Acc.12315)
  • Kilmarnock Unionist Club: minutes 1956-1991 (Acc.12312)
  • Kilmarnock Liberal Association and Club: minutes 1946-1974 (Acc.12313)
  • Newbattle Abbey College: minutes, annual reports, accounts, corresp 1940-2000 (Acc.12299)
  • Saltire Society: additional records 1971-2001 (Acc.12256)
  • Saltire Society: additional records 1981-2004 (Acc.12393)
  • Scottish Labour History Society: additional records 1969-1986 (Acc.12325)
  • Scottish Sculpture Trust: records 1985-2003 (Acc.12357)
  • Stair Society: records 1934-2003 (Acc.12416)