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Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine: 2001 Accessions

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  • Sir Christopher Howard Andrews (1896-1989), virologist (addnl): papers rel to his work on classification and nomenclature of viruses 1950-99 (GC/168)
  • John Armstrong (1784-1829), doctor: lectures on principles and practice of medicine c1820 (MS.7894)
  • Edward John Mostyn Bowlby, psychoanalyst (addnl): family papers 1890-2000 (PP/BOW)
  • Thomas Buzzard (1831-1919), army doctor: letters to his parents, associated material in rel to his journey to the Crimean War 1855 (MS.7862-7864)
  • William Clark, professor of Anatomy, Cambridge University: notes 1817-66
  • M Coleman (?), chemist: recipe book c1850 (MS.7895)
  • Nelson Coghill, army doctor: memoir rel to work in Middle East 1939-46 (MS.7890)
  • Ann Gwendolen Dally, physician, author (addnl): corresp, and papers rel treatment of drug addiction patients, personal financial material, patient files 1984-2000 (PP/DAL)
  • Peter Daniel, doctor: papers incl corresp, patient notes, grant applications, papers rel to Jenner Trust, Physiolgical Society (MS.7967)
  • Sir Richard Doll (b1912), epidemiologist (addnl): corresp, notes, articles, work and research studies, clinical trials 1940-69 (PP/DOL)
  • John D Dow, consultant radiologist: papers, notebooks, films, angiograms rel to his work at Guy's Hospital London 1950-89 (PP/JDD)
  • Captain Andrew Haggard, army officer: diary about his experience of suffering tuberculosis of the scrotum 1950-53 (MS.7885)
  • Eric Henry Rhys Harries, medical superintendent (addnl): papers incl charts, illustrations, case notes, plans, corresp, publications rel to his work on public health 1909-51 (PP/ERH)
  • Jonas Henrik Kellgren (1837-1916), practitioner of Swedish medical gymnastics and manipulative treatment: prescriptions outlining treatments for patients 1873-92 (MS.7869-7872)
  • Forrest Loveland, general practitioner, Kansas: diary of his time at Vienna medical school 1931 (MS.7974)
  • Robert Milne (1881-1949), orthopaedic surgeon: corresp re the history of orthopaedic surgery 1944-47 (MS.7973)
  • David Cornelius Morley (b1923), paediatrician, tropical medicine specialist (addnl): records of child health survey of children in Nigeria 1966-67 (WTI/DCM)
  • Paul Moynagh, orthopaedic surgeon: case files from private practice, medico-legal reports c1970-99 (PP/MOY)
  • Christine Murrell, general practitioner: family, estate and personal papers c1849-1935 (PP/CCM)
  • Steffa Nagelschmidt, child psychologist: papers rel to Adlerian psycholoy (MS.7963)
  • Hug Rast, physician, German Hospital, London: papers incl transcript wartime diaries, corresp and papers rel to Axis prisoners of war as member of Red Cross Commission 1940-44 (PP/RAS)
  • William Hepburn Russell (b1914), tropical medicine specialist: personal diaries 1947-60 and annual reports of the East African Virus (formerly Yellow Fever) Research Institute 1951-67 (PP/LUM)
  • Gertrude E M Shannon (1896-1998), midwife: certificates, corresp, photographs, case records (PP/SHA)
  • David Stafford-Clark (1916-1999), RAF doctor, broadcaster: corresp and papers rel to his war service in the RAF and later broadcasting career (PP/DSC)
  • Henry Martin Stumbles, surgeon: lecture notes (2 vols), late 19th cent (MS.7881-7882)
  • Marvin Francis Sturridge (b1926), cardio-thoracic surgeon: summaries of surgical cases, research records, thesis 1959-79 (PP/STU)
  • William Whiteman Carlton Topley (1886-1944), bacteriologist: personal and work rel papers incl wartime notebooks, reports, corresp, lectures, drafts c1910-69 (PP/TOP)
  • Charles Townsend, surgeon-accoucheur: casebook rel to Birmingham General Dispensary 1845-55 (MS.7889)
  • Florence Jane Watkins, volunteer auxiliary department nurse: papers documenting service as a nurse during the Frist World War 1916-19 (MS.7891)
  • Drs Sharp, Akroyd and Dodds, Bradford (addnl) : accounts of medical practice and their successors c1960-99 (SA/SRH)
  • Anna Freud Centre, London: annual reports, administrative corresp and subject files rel to the history of the Centre and associated bodies, patient notes 1950-2000 (SA/AFC)
  • Bowen Road Military Hospital, Hong Kong: misc papers incl weight register, notes on malnutrition 1943-45 (MS.7877)
  • British Microcirculation Society (addnl): administrative papers incl those of the European Microcirculation Society 1992-97 (SA/BMS)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (addnl): posters, photographs, ID cards (SA/CSP)
  • Committee of Occupational Therapists for the European Communities: minutes, newsletters, codes of practice, papers rel to training, professional status 1986-2000 (SA/COT)
  • East African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Research and Reclamation Organisation (addnl): reports 1949-74 (WTI/EAT)
  • European Society for Clinical Virology (addnl): minutes of the European Group for Rapid Viral Diagnosis 1975-95 (SA/ESV)
  • Fellowship by Assessment Scheme of the Royal College of General Practitioners: files of applications c1990-2001 (SA/RCG)
  • General Optical Council: committee minutes, register of opticians 1959-81 (SA/GOC)
  • International Union of Pharmacology (addnl):papers incl annual meeting minutes, reports re nomenclature and drug classification 1998-2001 (SA/IUP)
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: records of the Public Health Nutrition Unit, Department of Epidemiologyc1920-1979 (SA/NUT)
  • Pioneer Health Centre Peckham (addnl): casecards, letters, reports rel to oral history study (SA/PHC)
  • Society for Research into Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida (addnl): papers incl minutes, programmes, corresp c1960-99 (SA/SRH)
  • Ticehurst House Hospital, London (addnl): patient files c1990-99 (SA/TIC/8)
  • World Federation of Neorology: newsletters, committee papers, research group files, financial records c1950-99 (SA/WFN)
  • World Federation of Right to Die Societies (addnl): conference papers 1996-2000 (SA/FRD)
  • Anonymous grocer and druggist, Folkestone: ledgers, want book 1839-67 (MS.7968-7971)
  • Case notes, interview transcripts and survey results (2 vols) rel to Eilepsy - 'An investigation into the Social Construction and Consequences of the Label Epilepsy' 1973-75 (GC/281)
  • Memoirs of National Service medical officers c1950-59 (PP/BLA)
  • Miscellanous administrative documents rel to hospitals and other medical institutions c1698-1925 (MS.7903)
  • Miscellaneous medical, household and cookery recipe books 17th-19th cent (MSS 7875 - 7983 passim)
  • Volume of actuarial and other mathematical formulae by J Lewis (?) (MS.7861)