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Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine: 2000 Accessions

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  • Albright family of London: medical recipe book late 19th cent (MS 7792)
  • Roche family of Norfolk: diaries and papers incl those of Dr E Roche 18th-20th cent (MS 7856)
  • Silas Mainville Burroughs, pharmaceutical engineer (addnl): letter books 1881-82 (PP/SMB)
  • Sir William Richard Shaboe Doll, epidemiologist (addnl): papers rel to asbestosis and cancer c1970-2000 (PP/DOL)
  • Mary Anne Durnell nee Croft: medical recipe book 1824 (MS 7832)
  • Sir Terence Alexander Hawthorne English, cardiothoracic surgeon: corresp and papers c1970-2000 (PP/ENG)
  • Letitia Denny Fairfield, medical officer of London County Council (addnl): papers 1911-70 (GC/193)
  • John Grove, surgeon: clinical notebook c1804-14 (MS 7817)
  • Richard Turner Johnson, neurosurgeon (addnl): papers c1931-50 (PP/RTJ)
  • James Lamb, general practitioner: corresp and papers c1898-1902 (GC/278)
  • EK Ledermann, general practitioner, London: autobiography 1908-99 (GC/17)
  • George Cuthbert Mura MacGonigle, medical officer of health: papers c1920-39 (GC/264)
  • Arthur Ernest Mourant, haematologist: corresp and papers 1919-96 (PP/AEM)
  • Alastair Hamish Tearloth Robb-Smith, pathologist (addnl): letters from Sir William Paton 1980-82 (GC/182)
  • Sir James Keith Ross, cardiothoracic surgeon: corresp and papers rel to cardiac transplantation c1960-2000 (GC/238)
  • Francis Tyrell: medical recipe book 1682 (MS 7822)
  • HL Winter: photographs and X-rays rel to orthopaedics c1920-40 (GC/277)
  • Cornelius Fletcher, chemist, Nottingham: prescription book 1827 (MS 7791)
  • Hedges & Son, chemists, Birmingham: patent medicines stock book 1881-96 (MS 7813)
  • John Adrian Hofmeyr, general practitioner, Grays (addnl): case notes, incl cases from the Benedictine Mission Hospital, Nkandhla, Zululand 1952-61: (GP/2)
  • John Holden, general practitioner, St Helens (addnl): papers 1986-2000 (GP/19)
  • William Lennard, general practicioner, Sheffield: prescriptions, papers and photographs 19th cent (MS 7815)
  • Abortion Law Reform Association (addnl): records c1970-2000 (SA/ALR)
  • Archives of Oral Biology: papers rel to foundation 1959 (GC/266)
  • Association of Medical Microbiologists: records 1983-99 (SA/AMM)
  • Bristol Ethnic Minorities Health Investigation (addnl): audiotapes of questionnaires 1987 (GC/210)
  • British Abstracts of Medical Sciences: corresp and minutes rel to 1953-72 (GC/266)
  • British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (addnl): records c1990-2000 (SA/AMC)
  • British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition: records 1986-99 (SA/GHN)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (addnl): records c1950-2000 (SA/CSP)
  • Essex Road Massage, Heat & Light Clinic, Dartford: cash book 1935-38 (GC/272)
  • European Society Against Virus Diseases: records, incl papers of the European Group for Rapid Vital Diagnosis1975-c2000 (SA/ESV)
  • Group Analytical Society (addnl): records c1970-2000 (SA/GAS)
  • Health Visitors Association (addnl): records c1980-89 (SA/HVA)
  • History of Rheumatology in the UK, 50 years of progress: transcripts of interviews 1997-98 (GC/275)
  • Hospital Infection Society (addnl): papers rel to 4th International Conference 1998 (SA/HIS)
  • International Confederation of Midwives (addnl): records c1980-2000 (SA/ICM)
  • MedAct (formerly Medical Association for Prevention of War): records 1951-96 (SA/MED)
  • Medical Womens Federation (addnl): records c1970-2000 (SA/MWF)
  • National Council for Social Concern (CONCERN): corresp and papers c1980-2000 (SA/CON)
  • Neonatal Society (addnl): corresp and papers 1977-99 (SA/NNS)
  • The Patients' Association (addnl): corresp and papers c1980-2000 (SA/PAT)
  • Society for Research into Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida: records c1950-99 (SA/SRH)
  • Society of Medical Officers of Health: records, incl papers of the Flouridation and Teaching groups 1958-94 (SA/SMO)
  • Womens Health Concern: records c1970-2000 (SA/WHC)
  • World Organization of Gastroenterology: records 1958-2000 (SA/OMG)
  • World Federation of Right to Die Societies (addnl): papers 1958-2000 (SA/OMG)
  • Anonymous collections rel to medicine, pharmacy and cookery 17th-19th cent (MSS 7814, 7818-19, 7821, 7834-35)
  • Anonymous diary of the yellow fever epidemic at Gibraltar 1828 (MS 7816)
  • Anonymous English notebook rel to the Low Countries, incl some medical entries 18th cent (MS 7820)
  • Anonymous Englishman's journal of a tour of French, Swiss and Italian hospitals and prisons 1818 (MS 7833)
  • Anonymous student's notes on John Haighton's 'Syllabus of lectures on midwifery' (1808) (MS 7836)