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Science Museum Library: 1994 Accessions

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  • A collection of manuscript and printed material principally relating to the work of Joshua Field, 1787?-1863, as a partner in the engineering firm of Maudslay, Sons & Field. [ca. 1805-651.]
  • 4 albums of photographs and illustrative cuttings and advertisements re early motor cars etc, 1890s to 1910 MS 219/1-4
  • Order Book No. I [for goods etc. bought of] J. A. Rolls of the Hendre, South Lodge, Rutland Gate [London]. 1878 Apr- 1879 May. MS 544.
  • Album of photos of Renard road trains; includes views in France, India and California, and of War Office trials, ca. 1907-1910s MS 222.
  • Final Apollo 11 Flight Plan. AS-506/CSM-107/LM-5/National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 1969 July 1. [Autographed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin. Copy of Frank Miles, Independent Television News; in binder]. MS 546
  • Collection of papers, chiefly letters and technical drawings, relating to the work of William Charles Werry. ca. 1900 to 1940s.
  • The 18 H.P. Germain Chassis. [Pen & ink technical drawing, 1900-1]. MS 1489.
  • Album of photographs, chiefly of cyclists, cycling clubs and bicycles. ca. 1880s. 56 leaves. MS 220.
  • Set of photographs taken from 51 glass plate negatives [Inv. no. 1990-747] illustrating the astronomical instrument making of J.A. Brashear Co., Pittsburgh and its successors, J.W. Fecker Co., 1880s-1930s. MS 547.
  • Lithograph: Hydraulic Starting Apparatus/Peter Rothwell Jackson (per I.M.E., Birmingham). 1848. MSL 170.
  • The Trend to Standardization: Product Development in the British Motor Cycle Industry 1896-1916 Bernard Russell. 1986 [ph.D thesis, awarded by City University Business School]. MS 548.
  • C. 1922 Delage Torpedo (possibly two-seater with dickey set). Photo no. 7514. MS1488/1.
  • C.1922 40/50 HP Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. V screen enclosed-drive landaulette. 33X 5" tyres. Non front wheel brakes. Photo no. 7527. MS 1488/2.
  • C. 1992 40/50 HP Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. V screen enclosed-drive landaulette. 33X 5" tyres. Non front wheel brakes. Photo no. 7528. MS 1488/3
  • C.1992 40/50 HP Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost tourer. Non front wheel brakes (single shackle on dumb horn). Tax disc introduced in 1921. Photo no. 7545. MS 1488/4.
  • C.1992 40/50 HP Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost tourer. Non front wheel brakes (single shackle on dumb horn). Tax disc introduced in 1921. Photo no. 7547. MS 1488/5.
  • C.1992 40/50 HP Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost enclosed drive limousine. 33 X 5" tyres. Gaiters introduced after 1919. Non front wheel brakes. Photo no. 7554. MS 1488/6.
  • Collection of ca.900 photographs of printing machinery, chiefly presses, made by R Hoe & Co, R Hoe & Crabtree Ltd, RW Crabtree & Sons Ltd, 192Os-1950s.
  • Collection of glass plate negatives re rubber industry, including Hancock & bros., places, objects, documents, plantations, tapping, synthetic rubber, chemical plant etc. [Ex-RAPRA]. ARCH:RUBB
  • Ms. Letter, 1796 Apr 4, Bombay to Mrs Catherine Coffie, New York/Alex. Adamson, mentioning the use of small pox vaccination (in its first year of use); bound with ms. letter, 1835 Jul 3, Kandy to ?/Willm. Corneil, Col. Sgt. 97th Regt. MS 550.
  • Folio atlas of plans (Directors copy) for Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway. Plan & section of proposed extension line from Woolvercot, near Oxford, to Brentford, with a branch therefrom/Robert Nicholson, engineer, 185 1. iv pp + 55 double-page sheets purchased, 1994 (May). MS 223.
  • Memorandum on a 250ft aperture steerable radio telescope/ACB Lovell, JA Clegg, JG Davies, 1951. Ts, 103pp. incl. photos. [Copy of unpublished memorandum known as the blue book, written to support an application for funds to build the Jodrell Bank Mk. 1 transferred, 1994 (May). MS 55 1.
  • Ms vol.: A course of experimental philosophy S.C.T. DeMainbray, 1755. MS 552.
  • Ships plans re S.S. Pennsylvania, Virgina, Georgia, Nevada, Florida. Built by Harland & Wolff, Govan for State Steamship Co, Glasgow, 1870s. MSR 120.
  • Utensils in canal work/P[hilip] H[enry] Wilton. [A manuscript drawing book re Warwick & Birmingham Canal. ca. 1794]. MS 554.
  • A Plan of the River Thames from Boulters Lock to Mortlake, surveyed by order of the City of London in 1770, by James Brindley Engineer. Drawn by Robt. Whitworth. Engraved by Thomas Jeffreys 1771. Revised and continued to London Bridge in 1774. MSR 125
  • A Plan shewing the Line of the porposed navigation from Bishops Stortford, through part of Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk to the Brandon River, on the border of Norfolk;... surveyed by John Rennie.... engraved and published by William Faden, March 8 1790. MSR 124
  • "Mongst mines and miners; or underground scenes by flash- light. A series of photographs, with explanatory letterpress, illustrating methods of working in Cornish Mines/JC Burrow & W Thomas, 1893. MS 555
  • Coloured lithograph: London and Morpeth mail Road Index Map surveyed by Thos. Telford, 1827. Draw by L. Herbert. Printed at Lithographic Establishment, Quarter Master Generals Office, Horse Guards. Scale 1":2m. MSR 126
  • PhD thesis: A History of Veloce Ltd, Motor Cycle Manufacturers, Hall Gree, Birmingham by JWE Kelly, 1979. 602pp. ts MS 553
  • Brochure: E.R. Calthrops Patent Safety Guardian Angel parachutes [1919]. MS 1492
  • On Developments of Spectroscopic Apparatus in the Nineteenth Century/Elizabeth A. Sarson, 1973. [BSc degree thesis, Lady Margaret Hall, Univ. of Oxford. 279pp. + photos, ts.] MS 557
  • Collection of manuscript letters 1751 to 1870, of men of science [as per list on object file]. MS 1493
  • [Album of] Photographs showing a few of our Trophies and where the famous Star cars are manufactured [Star Engineering Co. Ltd. Ca. 1912]. MS 536
  • [Photo album:] Evolution of Passenger-Carrying Road Transport. [Chiefly depicting onmibuses of Thomas Tilling Ltd]. MS 537
  • Album of photographs of American industrial washing-machines [ca. 1910? 32 photos with letter of endorsement]. MS 540
  • Twelve albums of photographs of electricity pylons in various countries; 1920s. [107B photos]. MS 39/1-12
  • 2 albums of photographs re concrete shipyards, 1918: Fougner Concrete Shipbuilding Co, Long Island, New York; A Bentley & Sons, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • The Evolution & Future of Large Sailing Ship/Prof. W[alterl Laas, Royal High School, Berlin. [MS. translation by James Hayes of the 1908 book]
  • Long-service certification presented to WA Gilbert by the Board of Directors of Ruston & Hornsby Ltd, Lincoln and Grantham, for 50 years service, 1908-1958
  • Album of newspaper cutting, compiled by S Bastard, re an airship designed by William John Bastard, c.1826-1899.
  • Catalogue of the Gabb Collection of early & historical scientific instruments. [1942. Ts. vol.]
  • Ansons List of H.M. Royal Navy 1747-1750... with their dimensions, number of tuns, men and guns, when and where built or rebuilt, and by whom. [Includes also Etat generate de la Marine de France to 1750 Apr. Ts. copy, bound]
  • Collection of original pencil sketches (1928-33) of watermills by Kenneth C Reid [as used in his Watermills of the London Countryside vol. 1, 1987]. MS 2081
  • Collection of photographs (69) relating to Essex windmills [as used in Essex Windmills Millers and Millwrights vol. 3, K G Farries 19841
  • [Photo album re] The Steam Engineering Exhibition held in Tokyo for Celebration of the Bi-Centenary of James Watts Birth. 1936. MS 538
  • Visitors Book [to Howard Grubb, Parsons Company, Walker Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne. Sporadic entries 1875-99, 1926]. MS 526
  • The Life and Work of Alexander Melville and his invention in patenting the Rigmel cloth shrinking machine and further development in textile shrinking, Jim Melville, 1971 [photocopy vol. of typescript, photos, press cuttings etc]. MS 529
  • [Engineers sketch book J/J C Staplin], ca. 1920. 32 drawings of structural details of ships, including the armour shelf of the Iron Duke. MS 498
  • Design of superconducting machines/A.D. Appleton. Thesis (Ph.D.) - University of London, 1977. MS 498
  • Photo album: Metropolitan Water Board. Cornish engines at Kew Bridge Works 1946. MS 541
  • Photo album re Ransomes & Rapier Ltd., Waterside Works, Ipswich, 1920s. MS 496
  • Air Ministry, Directorate of Technical Development. Air Diagrams [42 items, 1927-1934]. MSP 105/1-40
  • Directions for erecting Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd. Boilers - class W.I.F. 1895 [Text (1p), col. lithos. (3p)]. MSL 174
  • Air Ministry, Directorate of Research. Technical diagram, 1919. MSP 127
  • Royal Air Force. Technical Department. Diagrams, 1918 [2 items]. MSP 126/1-2
  • Royal Air Force. Technical diagrams, 1917-1919. [6 items]. MSP 125/1-6
  • Photographs (4) of engines of the Orient Steam Navigation Companys S. S. Orient built by John Elder & Co, Glasgow [ca. 1890]. MSL 145/1-4
  • Air Technical Services. Diagrams, 1917-1918. [6 items]. MSP 12411-5
  • Air Board, Technical Department. Diagrams, 1917-1918 [11 items]. MSP 123/1-10
  • Ministry of Supply for promulgation by Air Ministry - Air diagrams, 1946. [2 items]. MSP 119/1-2
  • Ministry of Aircraft Production for promulgation by Air Ministry - Air diagrams, 1944-1946. [4 items]. MSP 118/1-4
  • Correspondence (1929-41) in 3 vols. of Sir Frederick W. Maze re his collection of Chinese junk models (presented to Science Museum in 1948), and draft typescript of Sail and Sweep in China, G.R.G. Worcester, a book partly illustrative of this collection [1 box] presented. MS 2084
  • Collection of Thomas Henry Court: correspondence, ms. and ts. notes on the history of scientific instruments and their makes, sale catalogues and offprints of articles on instruments. 1892-1949. ARCH:COURT
  • [Letter] 1861 Aug 1, Old Broad St, London [to] Capt. F. Fowke, Science & Art Dept, Kensington/Willy & Lovelock, [re the patent process of gas purification of Rev. W.R. Bowditch. With Gas Purification Company booklet (1861) re Bowditchs patents]. MS 1487/1-2
  • Rules and Regulations. Geo. Wailes & Co., Euston Road, London. 1898 Jan. [Poster]. MSL 168
  • Album of photographs of the first Petrochemicals Ltd. polystyrene plant at Carrington, 1950-51. MS 497
  • Photos (12) of machine tools found amongst collection of drawings of Wailes (George) & Co. Ltd. [1950s?]. MS 1491
  • The development of the diving helmet and dress in the UK during the 19th century/John Bevan, 1990. [Draft PhD thesis]. MS 559
  • Record of the Board of Trade, Standards Department, 1907- 1964 5 vols. MS 490
  • Fractionation Experiments. [MS. notebook kept by Brunner Mond Laboratory, Research Division of ICI Alakali Division, Winnington recording fractionation experiments carried out on polythene, 1938 Jun-Oct]. MS 493
  • Papers and photos relating to Cochran & Co., Boilermakers, Anna, 1883-1971. MS 2083
  • Portfolio of photographs of Marine Engines, Boilers and Machinery, 1892, Maudslay, Sons & Field Ltd. MS 225.
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