Guidance for places of deposit

Places of deposit should expect to accession increased volumes of public records from the public sector organisations listed in Schedule 1 during the transition period. During 2016, local places of deposit should have received records dating from 1987 and 1988. A further two years’ worth of public records will be transferred each year until 2024 when records from 2003 and 2004 will have been received. The policy is also likely to encourage the deposit of records which were due for transfer under the previous 30-year rule (historic material).

Advice for local authority places of deposit

  • Use our application to find out which public record bodies should be transferring records to your place of deposit
  • Get in touch with local organisations to establish their current public record holdings
  • Encourage these organisations to enrol on our new online training course to learn about the transfer processes and find out their responsibilities
  • View our record transfer survey of public record bodies expected to transfer to places of deposit
  • Make plans on how you will work together during the next few years of transition
  • Read our guidance on the 20 year rule and Public Record transfers and New Burdens
  • Report your public record accessions in the next Accessions survey
  • Get in touch if you’re not sure about your eligibility for funding
  • Contact Archives Sector Development regarding any issues relating to transfer

Funding for local authority places of deposit

New Burdens funding is available to local authority places of deposit which take in certain classes of public records which have been selected and transferred for permanent preservation by magistrates’ courts, coroners’ courts, NHS organisations, prisons, and other bodies listed as part of the amended legislation. Eligible archive services are those which are run by or on behalf of local authorities (or joint services where the local authority is a major partner).

A list of the eligible public records accessioned by places of deposit during 2015 is available here.

For background information on the 20 year rule and eligibility for New Burdens payments, read our guidance below:

Guide to New Burdens funding for local authority places of deposit (PDF, 0.22MB)