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The rise of the British empire
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Gallery 1: The Rise of the British Empire
In this gallery you are going to examine how Britain, a small country, came to rule a huge empire. The key question in this gallery is: Why did the British become empire builders?

Many experts have suggested possible answers to this question. They believe the people who built the empire were motivated by: A) Trade, B) Politics, C) Religion, D) Ambition, E) Adventure, F) Land.

Your task in this gallery is to examine how these motives played a role in the growth of the empire. You will also look at whether the motives of the empire builders were different in different places and at different times in the history of the empire.
This worksheet will help you plan your work and present your conclusions.
Try this online quiz before you start your studies, and again after you've done some research.
Explore these case studies on the development of the British empire in four different regions:
North AmericaAfricaIndiaAustralia
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