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This resource presents carefully selected cabinet papers using thematic and chronological historical overviews.

Covering three main themes of British governance in the 20th century - The United Kingdom and the World; The Economy, Business and Resources; Society and the Welfare State - this resource allows you to browse topics within these areas and find relevant cabinet records.

Each topic suggests search ideas to help you benefit from the collection of documents. See Search Tips for help with searching.

'A' level teachers and students

The 'A' level studies section provides students and teachers with resources, information, interactive tools, pictures and much more to supplement their studies and help bring history to life.

Students can investigate historically significant events using the 'overview' and 'in-depth' studies provided. There is information on the Cabinet itself and access to key primary sources, meetings and papers for the period. There is also a unique map resource, revealing geo-political change across the 20th century.

The Teaching Guides are to help teachers and students access the wealth of information available on the website.

The guides are also designed to share ideas and approaches other practitioners have employed on these and other National Archives resources.