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Depth Studies and the curriculum

Each study package contains six to eight sources. Context notes, background information and an explanation of authorship, where necessary, support each source. The sources are also supported by a number of discussion questions. These are designed to be signposts to direct students to relevant sections of a document. They can also be used to encourage students to think about the inferences that can be drawn from each source in terms of the wider research project.

The General Strike

Research projects Content Research project question
Strike build up 8 sources plus Background Information  Which group was responsible for the strike build up?
Diary of the strike  6 sources plus Background Information  How did the strike unfold day by day?
Aftermath of the strike                   6 sources plus Background Information What happened in the aftermath of the strike?

The National Health Service

Research projects Content Research project question
Origins of the NHS 8 sources plus background information Why is the NHS so important to the Labour Party?
Management in the 1950s 6 sources plus Background Information Why was the NHS so difficult to manage in the 1950s?
Politics of health in the 1960s and 1970s 7 sources plus background information How did the NHS reflect the politics of the 1960s and 1970s?

The depth studies fit in to several different options within the current AS/A2 specifications, but should also be seen as a resource to help students make effective use of source material. They can also be used as training tools to develop source analysis skills. Each of the depth studies may also be useful as a resource for a student pursuing an individual research project.

AS specifications


HIS1L Britain, 1906-1951
HIS2R A Sixties Social Revolution? British Society, 1959-1975


8GP01 Government and Politics
6HI01 Historical Themes in Breadth
6HI02 British History Depth Studies


Unit F961 Option B: Modern 1783-1994
Unit F963 Option B: Modern 1815-1945
Unit F981 Historical Explanation - British History
Unit F983: Using Historical Evidence - British History

A2 specifications


HIS3J The State and People: Britain, 1918-1964
HIS3M The Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007
HIS4X Historical Enquiry


9GP01 Government and Politics


Unit F965: Historical Interpretations and Research Projects
Unit F966 Option B: Modern 1789 - 1997
Unit F985: Historical Controversies - British History