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Creating classroom resources

By matching content of your own exam specification against the content of the Browse by Theme topics it should be possible to create a range of resources to extend students' reading, provoke intelligent debate and practice key examination skills. There are a number of resources that Browse by Theme would clearly be useful in helping to create:

  • Mock examination papers or smaller practice questions
  • Source-based research projects using the model of the depth study or overview study packages
  • Activities which use the sources from the Cabinet Papers website as the stimulus material and/or the core resource
  1. Stick post-it-notes with questions about particular lines, phrases or words in a document
  2. Create short summaries of documents and ask students to select the summary which best synopsises the document
  3. Play the role of a minister or official responding to an email from a senior colleague asking for a summary of the Cabinet's discussions on a particular issue so far. This might include: the nature of issue(s) and why or how it might be complex or sensitive; how far the Cabinet is united / divided on the issue; possible actions or measures discussed; potential pros and cons of proposed measure(s)


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