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The Browse by Theme feature is not specifically tailored to A level specifications, but may used as an extra resource, or for high-achieving students. For example, teachers who are following a course of study on the Cold War should find no difficulty in navigating through the Browse by Theme feature to locate material to share with students. Shown below are the first three Cabinet records under a section from 'Start of the Cold War' (under Diplomacy and foreign relations). Search terms will help students find related documents within the full collection using the search feature.

Examples of related documents 

Divided Germany and the Marshall Plan

Cabinet Conclusion 3. Germany: Future of the Ruhr and Western Germany. 17 April 1946
Cabinet Memorandum. The Ruhr and Western Germany. 15 April 1946
Cabinet Memorandum. The Future of Germany and the Ruhr. Note by the Additional Secretary. 15 April 1946

Search using: 'Western Germany', Germany, Rhur, 'Anglo-Soviet', Greece, Turkey, Truman, Communism, Marshall, aid, 'European Recovery Act', 'Economic Co-operation'

Related exam specifications

AQA Unit HIS3N, The Emergence of the Superpowers, 1945-1962

Yalta and Potsdam; the collapse of the Grand Alliance
Soviet expansionism in Eastern Europe, 1945-1949; the Warsaw Pact
US relations with Europe: containment; the Marshall Plan; Germany and NATO; the 'special relationship' with Britain and US status as an economic and military superpower

Edexcel CW40, 20th Century International Relations, 1879-1980

Origins of the Cold War

OCR Unit F962, Option B Key Issues

Assess the origins of the Cold War in Europe to 1945
Assess how and why the Cold War developed in Europe between 1945 and 1948


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