Black Loyalists Receive Compensation
AO 12/102, f. 26 (2 Dec 1786)
AO 12/101, f. 288 (23 Dec 1785)

  Peters George, a Black
2nd Dec[embe]r 1786
Born in Pennsylvania - In Sep[tembe]r 1777 he joined the Army then under the Command of Sir William Howe - Was frequently employed as a Waggoner & Laborer to the Army, and on the Evacuation of New York Came to England.
He has been in Service and at present has only 18 pence per week for attending at a Gentlemans House, He is a Single Man - Before he joined the Army he supported himself by his Trade as a Miller. At the Evacuation of Philadelphia he was obliged to leave Cloaths and other Articles worth £25
  These are Certificates to his Loyalty and present distress from Sir William Howe, and Col[onel] Balfour the formeer [sic] Certificate manetions his having been Serviceable in pointing out the Fordes in the River Schuylkill and of being employed as a Waggoner and Laborer attending the Army.
£10 per Annum from the 10th October 1786

    In addition to the strong Testimony which Sir William Howe & Col[onel] Balfour's Certificates bear to the Loyalty and Services of this Man; We are informed from other undoubted Authority that he is a very proper Object for some Assistance from Government, however as he is a Single Man and may probably get into some employ We think that the proper Allowance for him will be after the rate of £10 per Annum and to Commence from the 10th October 1786.


  Harris Walter, a Black
23rd Dec[embe]r 1785 His Case was heard 24th June 1783 and the sum of £10 recommended to be paid to him in full: A Memorial is referred to us by the Lords of the Treasury accompanied with a Letter from Lord Cornwallis to Mr. Rose recommending him in the strongest terms to the latter as a zealous Loyalist.
  States a Loss of Property to the amount of £18..18 Virg[ini]a Currency . He means to go to Virginia in the spring having obtained leave. He has no Memorial under the Act of Parliam[en]t. Says that Colonel Dundass told him he would be Allowed a further Sum to take him out to America whenever he got leave to return to that Country.
  Has a Wife and two Children in America.
£25 in full  

This Man having obtained leave to return to America & being unable to defray his Expenses of Passage etc., We think it will be proper to pay him the Sum of £25 in full of all Demands on Government.

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