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A Virtual Tour of the Black and Asian Presence, 1500 - 1850

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Map of Greenwich, London

Click on a red cross to explore the Black and Asian presence in Greenwich.

Map of Greenwich


1. Woodlands House
2. The Manor House, Lee The Manor House, Lee Woodlands House


Woodlands House

Mycenae Road, Westcombe Park

Woodlands HouseThis house was built for John Julius Angerstein, who was the founder of Lloyds of London and later an MP. Angerstein made his wealth in the East Indian trade but had West Indian business links including a third share in a slave plantation in Grenada.

Engraving of Woodlands HouseThe house and its grounds show the fabulous wealth and lifestyle of those who profited from slavery.




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The Manor House

Old Road, Lee

The Manor House, LeeThis house was built for Francis Baring, who is known as the founder of Barings Bank. He is said to have made his money from slave trading whilst only 16 years old, before expanding into other areas of business.

Painting of the Manor House, LeeThe house shows the fabulous lifestyle of those who became wealthy through the trade in slaves.




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