Email and datasets


Emails form an important part of the records relating to government functions. They should be managed in line with our guidance on managing email.

You may be required to transfer emails during a machinery of government change. For more information, please contact your Information Management Consultant.


Datasets related to a function will need to be identified and listed. Datasets can be found in:

  • databases
  • intranets
  • websites

Consulting closely with the business unit, decisions will need to be made about which of the datasets should be transferred. Datasets should be selected for transfer based on whether they are still required for ongoing business purposes and/or they have been identified as records worthy of permanent preservation.

Published datasets

If the dataset being transferred is published (for example, on a website) it can be downloaded from the website in machine readable format and then be transferred to the receiving organisation.

If the dataset is published on the website please see our advice on websites.

Unpublished datasets

If the dataset is unpublished the organisation can transfer the entire database provided the receiving organisation is capable of loading and running the database. Alternately the dataset can be migrated from the database and transferred to the receiving organisation, as a flat file.

The transferring organisation needs to provide guidance on the FOI and DPA requirements related to the dataset or database.