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Think Bubble – Adult & Child


THINK BUBBLE: Oh, hello! I’m Think Bubble. I’m a very special friend to children everywhere. I make sure they stay safe while they’re by themselves.

Reem loves the adventure playground, but his favourite sport is football.

MAN: Hello! Would you like to play football with me?

THINK BUBBLE: Don’t you realise you shouldn’t talk to people you don’t know.

REEM: But he looks ordinary! He doesn’t look like a bad person to me!

THINK BUBBLE: Ah! And what does a bad person look like?

REEM: Ah, well, erm … Thick eyebrows … and, er, shifty eyes … and maybe a tooth missing!

THINK BUBBLE: Well, you’re wrong. Badness is on the inside, not the outside. You can’t tell who’s nice and who’s nasty just by looking at them. If someone you don’t know asks you to do something, or even just wants to talk to you, say no, and quickly walk away.


THINK BUBBLE: Good boy, Reem!


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