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Climate Change – Tomorrow’s Climate – Today’s Challenge


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Duration 60sec
Release Date 2005
Sponsor Central Office of Information for Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
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Opening with a wide-angled shot coming towards the earth from space, the voice over begins, "Life depends on the warmth of the sun being trapped by the layer of gases that surround the earth..."

1995 was a significant year for global policy on climate change and following years of debate by politicians and scientists, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol to control climate change became international law on 16 February 2005. Industrialised nations who sign up to the treaty are legally bound to reduce worldwide emissions of the six greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane nitrous oxide, ozone, water vapour and halocarbons). These gases are trace gases that account for less than 1% of the atmosphere, yet have a big impact on the regulation of our climate.

This film encourages people to think about how they can help to reduce the threat of global climate change.


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