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WOMAN 1: Why do they do it?

WOMAN 2: I know what I’d like to do to them!

MAN 1: If they see anything nice, anything decent …

WOMAN: They just have to spoil it!

MAN: It’s the same in the park.

WOMAN: They knocked out all the lampposts.

And who pays out? We do!

MAN: I watched them doing it!

WOMAN: Didn’t you say anything?

MAN: What’s the point?

WOMAN: Kids do as they please now!

MAN: Look at the new underpass!

WOMAN: What about the bus shelter?

MAN: And how long had that been up?

ANOTHER MAN: About a week!

WOMAN: If that!

ANOTHER WOMAN: The police ought to do something.

WOMAN: It’s the parents, isn’t it?

MAN: We’re parents and our children don’t go round vandalising.

WOMAN: We hope they don’t. We don’t always know where they are, all the time, do we?

ANOTHER WOMAN: If I thought one of mine was behaving like this I’d …

MAN: I blame the schools.

WOMAN: It makes me so angry!

ANOTHER WOMAN: Try telling them off and they laugh in your face.

MAN: You certainly can’t reason with them!

WOMAN: If there’s nothing we can do … I just don’t believe it!

VOICE: There is something you can do.

Ring the police immediately.

You need not give your name, but dial 999.

You might save someone’s property.

You could save someone’s life.


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