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Decimal Currency – The System


The new decimal money will be with us on D-Day – Decimal Day – the 15th of February 1971.

The pound will be divided up into a hundred new pence.

And we'll do our decimal shopping in pounds and new pence only.

Here are the new coins – 6 of them.

Then 3 silver ones are already in use.

The 50 new pence – equal to 10 shillings.

Then 10 new pence – equal to 2 shillings.

And the 5 new pence – equal to 1 shilling.

The 3 copper coins will be introduced on D-Day.

The 2 new pence, the new penny and the new half penny.

Remember: the pound stays the same.

Only the coins which make up the pound are changing.


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