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Streaked Lightning


Air Traffic Control: Tiger seven four take off, tiger seven four clear take off.

Voice:  Want to fly a Lightning, want to occupy the single seat in the single seater, all weather, night and day, highflying supersonic, supernormal Lightning?

Air Traffic Control: Target now ninety five miles, heading two five zero, what is your flight level?

Pilot: Tiger seven four climbing through flight level three zero zero.

Air Traffic Control: Tiger seven four, your target is flight level four five zero, speed mark one point two.

Voice: Want to climb two Everests in three minutes?

Ground Control: Pigeons two five zero.

Voice: Want to be the intelligence behind the radar, that feeds the brain, that guides the missile?

Want to fly a Lightning?

Want to fly the world's best fighter, want to see the night close around you and not care?

Want to land a lightning?

Want to fly a lightning and take your own thunder with you?


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