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Modern Guide to Health

Taken from the production file (Catalogue reference: INF 6/1967)


Here is an office worker who has never heard of the first rule for health. He doesn’t know that bad posture can actually make him ill, and he's usually to be found slumped over his desk like this. Headache? Mm? Bit of a backache, too . .and terribly tired? Well, try sitting up straight and see how much better you feel. Remember.sit TALL! Come on now, let’s see you stand up. No, no - you know better than that! Suppose we have a look at what goes on inside when you stand like that. The skeleton is a framework of bone, which protects the vital organs of the body.

It is strong to give support, and jointed to allow for movement. It is covered by muscles and skin. Bad posture not only puts a strain on bone and muscle, it constricts breathing and digestion, too. Standing up straight - thank you - gives the body a chance to get on with its work without undue strain. And allows the lungs to take in the maximum amount of air, and the digestive organs to do their work properly. Now walk away, holding yourself like that. Keep your muscles in good trim by daily exercise and fresh air, and it will soon become a habit.

You’ll get no exercise queueing for a bus. .and precious little fresh air inside it. So instead of going to work by bus or train, get what exercise and fresh air you can during your working day, by walking or cycling.

The air in our big cities is full of smoke Which means air full of dirt and sky without sun for the people in the city. So make a point of getting fresh air and exercise during the weekend, you’ll be using the muscles that have been neglected during the week, and you’ll be able to take your mind off work, by getting out into the open country. Your body won’t be used to so much sun and air, so start off cautiously. It’s actually better to combine sunbathing with exercise. But if you must baske, see that you get a bit of shade, and take it in small doses at first. Unless you want a headache, protect your eyes from the strong light.

We can’t get clothes like this nowadays, but some modern clothes still have their faults. Such as tight sleeves and armholes, not enough width for back or shoulders, and pinched waists. This is especially important for growing children. Make sure their clothes really fit. Shoes are important too. See that they fit properly, see that they're comfortable and that they give the right support.

A well fitting shoe should fit snugly round the heel. It should be wide enough in front for the bones of the foot and toes, without squeezing them, like this. Tight socks can do just as much damage as tight shoes. Children's feet grow, but socks don't. Let’s make the sock a bit bigger. .that's MUCH better! Clothes should be loose fitting and comfortable, to give complete freedom of movement. Choose your clothes according to the weather. Remember too - after any exercise the body cools down rapidly, to put on a sweater or coat.

During sleep the brain and body are relaxed. But suppose you can't sleep? Well. Let's see what you have to do during the day. There's breakfast to get ready. When you’ve got father off to work, and the children off to school, there's washing-up to do. Then housework, ironing, cooking, another meal, more washing-up. In the afternoon there’s the shopping to do, and tea to get ready. After putting the children to bed, There’s father's meal to prepare, and washing-up. When that's done, there’s always plenty of mending. Now suppose you put that work away, and RELAX for at least half-an-hour before bedtime. That's right! You can’t possibly expect to sleep well, if you work - and worry right up to the time you go to bed. You won’t sleep healthily if the windows are shut. Have a hot water bottle if you need it - In fact, make yourself thoroughly comfortable. Finally, try not to worry about things you cannot change. Goodnight. .sleep well. THE END

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