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Journey By A London Bus

London the largest city in the world has a splendid road service of passenger buses for the millions of people, visitors, shoppers, workers and others needing quick and comfortable transport from place to place.

Not only do the buses bring people into London, they also carry passengers out, through less crowded streets to the surrounded countryside.

On return journeys they bring passengers back, there is a regular service to or from the town.

Here in the near countryside, two African students studying in London have been enjoying a walk in the fields, and now have to get back to their studies.

A bus is now due, they have just time to catch it. They know that buses run to carefully prepared timetables, and are always punctual; people never have long to wait.

At regular stopping places along the roads, people wait quietly in line, buses of course enter London at different parts, it's well to be sure that you get in one that is going to the part that you want to reach.

The people enter the bus in an orderly manner, no crowding or pushing out of turn, and the conductor controls everything in a cheerful way.

It is this friendly co-operation between passengers and conductor and driver that makes bus travelling comfortable. Collecting fares and giving tickets is very important business, and when passengers help the conductor by having their money ready his task is made easier.

This man is thoughtless, but though he's not ready with his money, he is still asked for it in a friendly manner.

The driver keeps a steady speed, he knows when he should reach the next stop, and drives so that he will be there right on time. People rely on his correct time keeping at the stopping places.

Travelling by bus is one of the best and cheapest ways of seeing the country; time goes pleasantly in looking at the interesting scenes that have passed by.

Another stop, again no rushing nor crowding to get in first, a child's push cart could easily be a nuisance, but the conductor sees that it isn't, and no one is hindered at all.

A mother with a little child always hopes for a seat near the door, the kind passenger changes his seat to help her, just thought for others.

Wherever there are little children people are kindlier, Africans in particular have a great love for them, and somehow small children have a quick instinct and seem to know when they are with friends. The roads begin to look busier, London is getting nearer. Another stop will soon be in sight. There are times when friendly co-operation is especially necessary, a cripple needs much kindness in his affliction, it's not easy for him to enter a bus, but friendly hands give help at once.

Every day in London there are seven million passengers carried by five thousand buses.

This excellent service enables thousands of workers to live in healthy and pleasant districts far away from London's crowded streets.

There is one very important matter that a bus driver has always to be ready for, children crossing a road.

There are special crossing places marked on the roads for people to use, and it's the custom for children leaving or going to a school to form in a procession to cross together, the driver sees this is going to take place and stops his bus, it's a rule that's made for safety and he never breaks it.

Back in London, a pleasant journey for the African students, four long miles for five pence and back home right on time, just like any other journey in a London Transport bus.

Visitors from overseas are always impressed by the efficiency and comfort of the London Transport Bus Service. Always in the thousands of London buses the same good service and civility of the staff is met by willing, orderly and friendly co-operation by the travelling public.


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