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Jet Propelled Germs

Taken from the production file (Catalogue ref: INF 6/935)

Commentator: Now, I’m going to show you three things and you!ve got to tell me what you do with them.

Number one. A pint of...

Well you seem to know what to do with that one all right.

Number two. A handkerchief. Excellent.

Remember - coughs and sneezes spread diseases.

Now, number three. A bowl of disinfectant. Hey! You don’t drink it man! That’s for the soiled handkerchief which is full of germs. You put the handkerchief into the disinfectant, which kills the germs and so stops the spread of infection.

Now, let’s get this quite clear; you sneeze into the handkerchief, and then put the handkerchief into the bowl of disinfectant to kill the germs not in with the family's washing. Got it?

Sure? Good! Remember; Don't spread Germs.

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