‘in greatest distress’

A petition from an elderly couple of weavers asking for help as they have no employment, 5 May 1838, Catalogue ref: MH 12/6843

Poor Law Union: Bethnal Green

Union counties: Middlesex


The Humble

Petition of Elizabeth and

William Allen, No. 18 East Street

Twigg Folly, Bethnal Green


That your petitioners are weavers by trade and have been out of employ for seven months in the employ of Mr Jero, Steward Street, Spitalfields.  We are in years, the man, 80 years of age and the woman, 60 years.  Your petitioners are in the greatest distress having no relief from the parish and your petitioners can be well recommended for industry, honesty and sobriety and hope that the gentleman will take their case into their serious consideration. .. Your petitioners … in duty bound, will ever pray.

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