Slave ships

A list of ships employed in the Trade to Africa from the Port of Bristol, 1749 (CO 388/45 pt.1 f.5)


On the Gold CoastNumber of SlavesValue of Ships & Cargoes
1. Tryton15010,000
2. Antilope2305,000
3. Juno2505,700
4. Alexander4508,500
5. Volunteer3205,600
6. Molly2305,200
7. Jamaica Packet3607,000
8. Spy3206,000
9. Swift2805,200
10. Two Brothers3005,700
11. Baltimore2805,500
12. Polly4007,500
13. Fly2204,600
14. Jason3606,600
15. Sylvia2505,400
16. Sybella1803,400
17. Cornwall3006,200

For the Bight of Benin, Bonny & Calabar

[A bight is a curve in the coastline which forms an open bay. To the east of the Bight of Benin is the Bight of Bonny (formerly Bight of Biafra). The bight is part of the Gulf of Guinea. Calabar was a major port in the transportation of African slaves. 85% of slave ships that transported slaves from Calabar came from Bristol and Liverpool merchants.]

18. Planter4706,200
19. Indian Prince3504,900
20. Success3204,400
21. John & Martha4305,700
22. King David3505,000
23. Matilda3204,400
24. Greyhound4506,000
25. Charming Betty4005,400
26. Africa3204,300
Continued over3,41046,300

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