National Health Service leaflet, May 1948 (INF 2/66, page 15 )


On 5th July the new National Health Service starts
Anyone can use it- men, women and children. There are no age limits, no fees to pay. You can use any part of it, or all of it, as you wish. Your right to use the National Health Service does not depend upon any weekly payments (the National Insurance contributions are mainly for cash benefits such as pensions, unemployment and sick pay).

Hospital & Specialist Services            Your family doctor              Dental Services

Maternity Services              Medicines, drugs and appliances        Eye service


The first thing is to link up, with a doctor. When you have done this, your doctor can put you in touch with all other parts of the Scheme as you need them. Your relations with him will be as now, personal and confidential. The big difference is that the doctor will not charge you fees. He will be paid out of public funds to which all contribute as taxpayers.

So choose your doctor now. If one doctor cannot accept you, ask another, or ask to put in touch with one by the new “Executive Council” which has been set up in your area (you can get its address from the Post Office).

If you are already on a doctor’s list under the old National Health Insurance Scheme, and do not want to change your doctor, you need do nothing. Your name will stay on his list under the new Scheme.

But make arrangements for your family now. Get an application form E.C.1 for each member of the family either from the doctor you choose, or from any Post Office, Executive Council Office, or Public Library; complete them and give them to the doctor.

There is a lot of work still to be done to get the Service ready. If you make your arrangements in good time, you will be helping both yourself and your doctor.

Issued by the Department of Health for Scotland

This advertisement appears in selected Sunday, Morning and Evening newspapers in Scotland.

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