Nationalisation of coal

Vesting Day leaflet announcing nationalisation of coal, 1st  January, 1947 (CAB 21/2207)

Photographs JANUARY 1ST 1947
[Photographs of the following men on the National Coal Board shown]

Mr. Ebby Edwards, Labour Relations,
Sir Arthur Street, Deputy-Chairman
Lord Citrine, Man-power and Welfare
Mr. T.E.B. Young, Production
Lord Hyndley, Chairman
Sir Charles Reid, Production,
Mr. L.H.H. Lowe, Finance
Sir Charles Ellis, Science
Mr. J. C. Gridley, Marketing

A message from the Prime Minister

Today, January 1st, 1947, will be remembered as one of the great days in the industrial history of our country. The coal-mines now belong to the nation. This act offers great possibilities of social advance for the workers, and indeed the whole nation.

If all alike-workers, National Coal Board and Government-shoulder their duties resolutely and use their rights wisely, these great advances will be assured. I send my wishes to all engaged in this vital work.
C. R. Attlee

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