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The Government wanted to make sure everyone pulled together to help fight the war on the Home Front. The publicity produced about salvage, food and clothes rationing made it seem that everyone was willing to make sacrifices so that there was enough to go around, and that all spare resources went in to the war effort.

Those that did try and keep to the ration often found it difficult, and there were many complaints about how difficult it still was to get some types of clothes. Lots of substitute foods such as dried egg powder, and liquid paraffin instead of cooking oil, had to be used to make up for the shortages. These were not very tasty and people hated them. Housewives were advised to tell their families what had gone into their dinner only after they had eaten it!

Lots of people did try and get round rationing, buying extra clothes and food without coupons on the 'Black Market' from profiteers known as 'Spivs'. Coupons were also forged, or stolen and sold on the black market at high prices so people could get more than their ration.

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