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Why should we study the British empire?
How big was the empire?
How long did it last?
How did a small country like Britain rule so much territory?
Was the British empire a force for good or not?
Why did the British empire decline?
What has the British empire left behind?
british empire overview
What are the big questions when we study the history of the British empire?
5. Was the British empire a force for good or not?

This question cannot be answered with a yes or a no! The British empire brought many changes to many people and many countries. Some of these changes involved innovations in medical care, education and railways. The British empire fought to abolish slavery in the 1800s, but it profited from slavery in the 1700s. For many peoples the British empire meant loss of lands, discrimination and prejudice. There will never be an answer to this question that everyone will agree on.
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