(39 Elizabeth cap. 4 )

Section II

AND be it also further enacted by the auctority aforesaid, That all persons calling themselves Schollers going about / begging, all Seafaring-men pretending losses of their Shippes or Goodes on the Sea going about the Country begging, / all idle persons going about any Cuntry eyther begging or using any subtile Crafte or unlawfull Games and Playes, / or fayning themselves to have knowledge in Phisiognomye Palmestry or other like crafty Scyence, or pretending that / they can tell Destenyes Fortunes or such other like fantasticall Ymagynacions ; all persons that be or utter themselves / to be Proctors Procurors Patent Gatherers or Collectors for Gaoles Prisons or Hospitalles ; all Fencers Bearewardes / comon Players of Enterludes and Minstrelles wandring abroade, (other than Players of Enterludes belonging to any / Baron of this Realme, or any other honorable Personage of greater Degree, to be auctoryzed to play, under the Hand / and Seale of Armes of such Baron or Personage) ; all Junglers Tynkers Pedlers and Petty Chapmen wandring abroade ; / all wandering persons and common Labourers being persons able in bodye using loytering and refusing to worcke for such / reasonable Wages as is taxed or commonly gyven in such Partes where such persons do or shall happen to dwell or abide, / not having lyving otherwyse to maynteyne themselves ; all persons delivered out of Gaoles that begg for their Fees, / or otherwise do travayle begging ; all such persons as shall wander abroade begging pretending losses by Fyre or / otherwise ; and all such psons not being Fellons wandering pretending themselves to be Egipcyans, or wandeirng / in the Habite Forme or Attyre of counterfayte Egipcians ; shalbe taken adjudged and deemed Rogues Vagabondes and / Sturdy Beggers, and shall susteyne such Payne and Punyshment as by this Acte is in that behalfe appointed.

Margin Heading for section III

All such
Vagabonds, &c.
found begging,
shall be whipped
and passed to the
Parish of their
Birth or last
Residence. &c.
or sent to the House
of Correction, &c.