Teachers' Resources

Using these resources

There are detailed notes for all sections of the website. Use the navigation on the left of this page to explore the notes for the different units. The notes cover the following areas for each unit:

  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Learning objectives
  • Key Stage 2 Curriculum links
  • Sources
  • Using the resource
  • Summary of activities
  • Historical source captions and credits

Printable version

At the top of each section there is a link which will enable to you download a pdf version of the notes on that page.

Interactive whiteboard assets

Each unit has a downloadable pack of assets for use with an interactive whiteboard. You can import the images and Flash objects in these packs into Smart Notebook software or Promethean Activstudio.You can use these to prepare lessons. The images are all high resolution so you can resize them.

Website overview

This downloadable PDF sitemap will give you a visual overview and understanding of all the sections of The Victorians website. Download the sitemap (135KB)