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Artist Picture

Marcus Stone was born in Marylebone, London in 1909 and died in Brighton & Hove in 1991. He was educated at the Slade School of Art. In the 1930s Stone was a poster artist for the film studios and claimed to have been the Head of the Poster Department at Gaumont British Film Studios, however, no examples of that work would appear to exist because all film posters in that era were recycled in "paper drives". Stone later worked for the War Office. After the war he returned to movie poster work for the British film industry. He created a poster for the film, The Red Shoes (1948) and others followed in 1950s. He also illustrated the covers for Mickey Spillane pulp paperbacks.

He did regular commissioned portraits of the "Man of the Week, Month, Year" for British magazine covers. In addition, he painted sports figures, jockeys in caricature style for the centre pages of a sports illustrated magazine and recruitment posters for the Armed Forces in the early 60s. Ultimately, he claimed "the camera put him out of business". He painted up to the end of his life but with little commercial success. His longest running legacy, painted in the late 1950s, is a set of murals in the style of Toulouse Lautrec, and still the pride of English's Oyster House in The Lanes, Brighton, the oldest restaurant in town.

Thanks to Warwick Stone.