'Emigrants Shall Be Treated With Kindness'
CO 318/165, ff. 152, 154

Blanks to be filled up in Clauses 1, 2,
6, 17.
Contract. 1. This Charty [sic] Party of affreightment, made this     day of         , 184         , by and between          , [hereinafter referred to as the "Party of the first part,"] as Secretary to and on behalf of Her Majesty's Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners of the one part, and       of          [hereinafter referred to as the " Party of the second Part,"] for and on behalf of the owners of the Ship           , mentioned and described in the foregoing tender, of the other part.
WITNESSETH, that for the considerations hereinafter mentioned, they the said Parties hereto of the first and second parts respectively, do hereby mutually covenant and agree with each other that they will severally observe, perform;, fulfil, do, and keep, all and singular, the terms, agreements, stipulations, things, and conditions herein contained on their parts respectively to be observed, done,  and performed.
Number of Emigrants. 2. The said Party of the first part, hereby engages, that in case the said ship be placed at the disposal of the Government Emigration Agent at   [hereinafter referred to as the "Port of Embarkation"] between the          and the         , for the conveyance of emigrants to          , there shall be put on board such ship and paid for the full complement of emigrants which by the law in force in India the Ship shall be qualified to carry, or if a smaller number be put on board, that payment shall notwithstanding be made for the full complement, Provided always, that in either case in respect of any emigrants who may die during the voyage, the amount of their passage money shall be deducted from the whole amount payable under this agreement.
Penalty, if Contract not carried out. 3. And the said party of the first part further engages, that if from any unforseen cause, the Government Emigration Agent aforesaid shall be unable to supply the said ship with emigrants, and to employ her as intended by this Charter Party, then the said party of the first part, shall forfeit to the said party of the second part, a sum of two pounds ten shillings per register ton of the said ship, and the present contract shall be in all other respects void. Provided always, that if the said Ship does not arrive at the Port of Embarkation within the period mentioned in clause 2, it shall be optional with the Government Emigration Agent to employ her or not, accordingly as he may find that his other arrangements will admit, without the said party of the first part being liable to any penalty of damages whatsoever for not employing the said Ship.
Ships to go to India and be offered to the Emigration Agent. 4. In consideration whereof, the said party of the second part hereby engages that the said Ship shall proceed to India, and make all due despatch on her voyage, and that after the discharge there of any Cargo or Emigrants that may be on board she shall not proceed in search of any other employment, but shall with the least possible delay be placed at the disposal of the Government Emigration Agent at the Port in India above named for the conveyance of Emigrants, and that in case of default in any of the said particulars the said Party of the second part shall forfeit and pay to the said Commissioners the sum of Two pounds ten shillings per register ton of the said ship, as liquidated damages, to be recovered with full costs of suit.
Ships to be Seaworthy and properly manned. 5. And the said Party of the second part further agrees that during the continuance of this Charter Party the said Ship shall at all times be tight, staunch, strong, and substantial, both above water and below, and in all respects seaworthy, and properly and efficiently manned.
Fitments. 6. That before any Emigrants are put on board under this Contract the said Ship shall, at the proper costs and charges of the said Party of the second part, be fitted in the between-decks with proper bed-places for the accommodation of the Emigrants to the satisfaction of the said Government Agent at               , and shall also be fitted and furnished with proper masts, sails, yards, rigging, anchors, cables (two of chain), ropes, cords, apparel, and all other furniture fit and needful for the intended service, and shall also have a life-buoy, long-boat, two cutters, and a jolly-boat, a sufficient number of properly-fitted scuttles in each side, and such deck-light ventilators as may be required; suitable privies and also a separate hospital for males and females, head-pump, with sufficient tarpaulins, awnings, a windsail for each hatchway, and scuttle butts; and shall also at all times be furnished with sufficient scrapers, brooms, swabs, sand and stones for dry rubbing, swing stoves, and whatever else may be necessary for the cleanliness of the Ship and the comfort and safety of the Emigrants.
Emigrants to have use of Deck. 7. That the whole of the space fore and aft between the decks, shall be apparopriated and given up to the sole and entire use of the Emigrants, and that the upper deck, excepting the space occupied by the spare spars and long-boat, shall be kept quite clear for their use.
Victualling and Medicines, &c. 8. That in case any Emigrants shall be embarked in the said Ship under this Contract, there shall be on board provisions and stores for their use during the voyage of a quality to be approved by the Government Emigration Agent at the Port, and equal in quantity to Twenty weeks' consumption, if proceeding from Calcutta, and Nineteen if proceeding from Madras, calculated according to the annexed, or any other not more expensive scale to be settled by such Government Emigration Agent, for the numbers that may be embarked; and also a supply of Medicines and Medical Comforts according to the annexed, or such other not more expensive list as may be determined on by the Government Emigration Agent as aforesaid. The Medical Comforts to be issued at the discretion of the Surgeon, whether for the sick, or to preserve health.
Water. 9. That the Water shall be of the best quality that can be obtained, and be approved by the Government Emigration Agent, and shall be put in sweet and substantial casks properly charred, and constructed of staves of at least one inch in thickness for the ground tier, and not less that three-quarters of an inch for the remainder.
Surgeon. 10. That there shall be provided at the charge of the said Party of the second part a duly qualified Surgeon, to be approved by the said Commissioners or by the Government Emigration Agent at the Port of Embarkation to take Medical charge of the Emigrants during the voyage.
Good treatment of the Emigrants. 11. That the said Emigrants shall be treated with kindness by the Master, and all the Officers and the Crew of the said Ship; and that the Master shall on all occasions, when practicable, attend to any suggestions of the Surgeon calculated to promote the health, comfort, or well-being of the Emigrants; and, further, that the Emigrants shall on no occasion be called on to do any manner of work on board the Vessel other than cleaning their own berths between the decks, or receiving at the hatchways in the between-decks fresh water, and provisions and fuel; and that on the occasions of cleaning their berths they shall on no account be placed to draw water from the sea on the gunwale, in the chains, or in any situation which shall endanger their falling overboard.




The following is to be the Scale for one Adult. Women to receive the same as Men; Children between One and Twelve to receive one half. No ration for Infants under One year.
28 ozs.
4 [ozs.]
1 [oz.]
1 1/2 [ozs.]
1 [oz.]
1 [oz.]
1 [oz.]
1/2 [oz.]
2 [ozs.]
4 lbs.
Salt Fish
4 ozs.
3/4 gallon per day.
Dry Provisions for bad weather when the usual Provisions cannot be cooked.
Choorah (Avil)
1 seer, or 2 lbs.
Bhootgram (Cuddalay)
1/4 seer, or 1/2 lb.
1 cuttack, or 2 ozs.
Eighteen days' stock of dry Provisions to be laid in for the voyage.

Supply for any number of Emigrants, from
50 to 100. The quantities to be increased for any additional number beyond 100, at the rate of half these quantities per 100.
Acacia Gum  
Acetate of Lead  
Adhesive Plaster
Antimonial Powder  
Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia  
Blistering Ointment
Blue Pill  
Carbonate of Ammonia  
Cerate (simple)
Chloride of Lime
Castor Oil
Compound Tincture of Camphor  
Dover's Powder  
Epsom Salts
Extract of Colocyunth  
Ginger Powder  
Jalap ditto  
Ipecacuan ditto  
Nitrate of Silver  
Oil of Peppermint  

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