'A morisco born where they are not christened'
HCA 13/93, ff. 275-6

Dicto die mercurij
(The same Wednesday [28 May 1548] )
Anthonius de Nicholao Rimero
Petrus Paulo contra Dominicum Erizo de Venecia ubi natus erat etate xxxij annorum
Erizo aut circiter libere etc dicit quod Dominicum Erizo per
v annos novit et Petrum paulo duobus annis ac
Johannem Ik Georgium Blake et Jacobum Fraunces
circiter duos annos novit ut dicit Et alios non
  (Anthony de Nicholao Rimero of Venice [described as marinarius or sailor on folio 246v] where he was born, of the age of 32 years or thereabouts freely etc says that he has known Dominico Erizo for 5 years, and Peter Paulo for 2 years, and John Ik, George Blake and James Frances about 2 years, as he says. And he does not know the others)
  Ad primum et secundum posiciones addicionales excepcionum dicit
(To the first and second of the additional positions of the exception he says)
  That in August and September and october 1547 this deponent beyng at Southe hampton dyd perfetly see perceave and knowe the same James Fraunces slave to the sayd paulo John Ik George Blake and ij other whoes names he knoweth not were by all the sayd tyme servauntes to the same paulo he payeng for ther meate and dryncke at the Dolphin in hampton where sondry tymes this deponent was present with them Et aliter nescit deponere (And otherwise he cannot depose)
  Ad tercium dicit (To the third he says) That the sayd James Fraunces and thother wytnes before namyd be all poore laboryng men and sekyng ther levyng abowte in sondrye places where they maye gett hit having but letle of ther owne that his deponent did harde of ut dicit Et aliter nescit deponere (as he says And otherwise he cannot depose)

Ad quartum et vtum dicit (To the 4th and the 5th he says) That the sayd James Fraunces ys a morisco born where they are not christenyd and slave to the sayd peter paulo who hathe in this deponentes presens offeryd hym to sell to any that wold have bought hym And therefore he beleavythe that no Credite nor faithe ought to be geven to his Sayenges as in other Strange Christian cuntryes hit ys to no suche slave geven ut dicit et aliter nescit deponere (as he says And otherwise he cannot depose)

  Ad vjtum dicit That in October 1547 the sayd petur paulo was attachyd (arrested) for certen tynne to the value of vijli, and within an howere or a haulf dischargyd by Angelo Mylanes at Southe hampton, and none of anny of his servauntes nor his Instrumentes at any tyme stayed that ever he this Deponent harde of Et aliter nescit deponere (And otherwise he cannot depose)
  Ad vijum nescit deponere de contentis in eodem (To the 7th, he cannot depose to the contents of the same)
  Ad ultimum dicit quod predeposita per eum sunt vera (To the last he says that the afore-made depositions are true)

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