Slaves on the Run
CO 137/61, f. 76

RUN away from the Subscriber, a Creole Negro Man named ROBIN, very black, pitted with the Small Pox, and about five Feet Ten Inches high: And a Creole Mulatto young Fellow named GEORGE, pitted with the Small Pox, his left Leg shorter than his right, has a Scar on his Forehead, and is about five Feet high: They both are used to the Sea, speaks good English, are well known in this Town and Port-Royal, and were some Time ago in the Possession of Mr. HENRY DYVE. Whoever will deliver said Slaves to the Subscriber, or secure them in any of the Gaols of this Island, so that he may have them, shall be paid for each One Pistole Reward; but as they are supposed to be harboured, if any one will give Notice thereof, they shall be paid on Conviction of the Offender, if a Negro Four Pistoles, and if a White Person Ten Pistoles, by RALPH MONTAGUE.

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