Storage of paper records

Both organisations should undertake a joint appraisal of storage costs once records have been identified for transfer. The aim of this should be to find the most cost-effective option.

The appraisal exercise should identify the costs of the current storage arrangements, which may take a number of forms:

  • one or both organisations store files on their own premises
  • both use the same third party contractor to store files
  • they use different third party contractors

The appraisal should look at a range of solutions, for example:

  • moving documents to the storage used by the receiving organisation
  • leaving documents in their existing location
  • the possibility of continuing with existing contracts, for example the transferring organisation passing parts of its contract to the receiving organisation
  • any cross-governmental savings that can be made by sharing storage services

Costs to consider:

  • removal from storage – as well as the costs of the physical move, most storage contractors impose a charge to remove boxes from storage
  • indexing – removal of a file to a new location will involve updating location indexes