File formats for transfer

This page sets out the range of digital file formats that The National Archives can currently sustain over the long term. We are able to accept these formats from public record bodies, preserve the information they contain and provide access to them.

The file formats have been categorised into tables; their name, extension and PRONOM unique identifier (PUID) have been provided. If you are using DROID to ascertain which file formats are contained within a set of records you are intending to transfer, the most accurate way to cross-reference your DROID output to this listing will be via the PUID column.

If you have selected digital records for transfer and they are in a format that does not appear on this page, please note that we are still able to accept the majority of formats although it may require further research. Please contact us to discuss this. This list will be updated periodically.

Word processing and text formatsVersionFile extensionPUID
Microsoft Word (Generic) 6.0-2003.docfmt/609
Microsoft Word Document6.0/95.docfmt/39
Microsoft Word Document97-2003.docfmt/40
Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document3.docx-fmt/273
Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document4.docx-fmt/274
Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document5.docx-fmt/275
Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document5.5.docx-fmt/276
Microsoft Word for Windows2007 onwards.docx .wbkfmt/412
Microsoft Word for Windows Document 1.docfmt/37
Microsoft Word for Windows Document 2.docfmt/38
Open Document Text 1.odt .ottfmt/136
Open Document Text 1.1.odt .ottfmt/290
Open Document Text 1.2.odt .ottfmt/291
Open Office Writer1.sxwfmt/128
Rich Text Format1.0 - 1.4.rtffmt/45
Rich Text Format1.5 - 1.6.rtffmt/50
Rich Text Format1.7.rtffmt/52
Rich Text Format1.8.rtffmt/53
Rich Text Format1.9.rtffmt/355
Plain Text.txtx-fmt/111
Acrobat PDF 1.0 Portable Document Format1.pdffmt/14
Acrobat PDF 1.1 Portable Document Format1.1.pdffmt/15
Acrobat PDF 1.2 Portable Document Format1.2.pdffmt/16
Acrobat PDF 1.3 Portable Document Format1.3.pdffmt/17
Acrobat PDF 1.4 Portable Document Format1.4.pdffmt/18
Acrobat PDF 1.5 Portable Document Format1.5.pdffmt/19
Acrobat PDF 1.6 Portable Document Format1.6.pdffmt/20
Acrobat PDF 1.7 Portable Document Format1.7.pdffmt/276
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format1a.pdffmt/95
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format1b.pdffmt/354
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format2a.pdffmt/476
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format2b.pdffmt/477
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format2u.pdffmt/478
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format3a.pdffmt/479
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format3b.pdffmt/480
Acrobat PDF/A Portable Document Format3u.pdffmt/481
Acrobat PDF/E - Portable Document Format for Engineering PDF/E-14.pdffmt/493
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 1:19991 - 3 for DOS and 2 for Windows.pdffmt/144
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 1:20013 - 4 for Windows.pdffmt/145
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 1a:20015 - 6.pdffmt/157
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 1a:20036.pdffmt/146
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 2:2003x.pdffmt/147
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 3:20023.pdffmt/158
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange 3:20034.pdffmt/148
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange PDF/X-45.pdffmt/488
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange PDF/X-4p5.5.pdffmt/489
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange PDF/X-5g5.pdffmt/490
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange PDF/X-5n5.1/5.2.pdffmt/492
Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format for Exchange PDF/X-5pg3.pdffmt/491
eXtensible Mark-up language1.xmlfmt/101
Microsoft Word for Windows2007 onwards.docxfmt/412
WordPerfect for MS-DOS/Windows Document3b.doc .wpd .wp6 .wp .w60x-fmt/44
WordPerfect for MS-DOS/Windows Document4.doc .wpd .wp6 .wp .w62x-fmt/394
WordPerfect for MS-DOS/Windows Document3.doc .wpd .wp6 .wp .w61x-fmt/203
XML Schema Definition.xsdx-fmt/280
Microsoft Word Template 97-2003.dotx-fmt/45
Spreadsheet FormatsVersionFile extensionPUID
Comma Separated Values.csvx-fmt/18
OpenDocument Spreadsheet1.ods .otsfmt/137
OpenDocument Spreadsheet1.1.ods .otsfmt/294
OpenDocument Spreadsheet1.2.ods .otsfmt/295
OpenOffice Calc1.sxcfmt/129
Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet1.wksx-fmt/117
Microsoft Excel 2.x Worksheet (xls)2.xlsfmt/55
Microsoft Excel 2000-2003 Workbook (xls)8x.xls .xlwfmt/62
Microsoft Excel 3.0 Worksheet (xls)3xlsfmt/56
Microsoft Excel 4.0 Worksheet (xls)4sxlsfmt/57
Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Worksheet (xls)5/95.xls .xlwfmt/59
Microsoft Excel 95 Workbook (xls)7xlsfmt/60
Microsoft Excel 97 Workbook (xls)8.xls,.xlwfmt/61
Microsoft Excel Binary Workbook 2007 onwards.xlsbfmt/595
Microsoft Excel for Windows2007 onwards.xlsxfmt/214
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet1 - 5.wksfmt/166
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet2.wksx-fmt/118
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet1.1.wksfmt/167
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet1.2.wksfmt/168
Microsoft Works SpreadsheetGeneric.wksfmt/262
Microsoft Works SpreadsheetCS.wksfmt/263
Microsoft Works SpreadsheetCS2.wksfmt/264
Microsoft Works SpreadsheetCS3.wksfmt/270
Microsoft Works SpreadsheetCS4.wksfmt/271
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet2.wksfmt/220
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet2.0a.wksfmt/227
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet2000.wksfmt/257
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet3.wksfmt/228
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet3.0a.wksfmt/229
Presentation formatsVersionFile extensionPUID
OpenDocument Presentation1.odp .otpfmt/138
OpenDocument Presentation1.1.odp .otpfmt/292
OpenDocument Presentation1.2.odp .otpfmt/293
OpenOffice Impress1.sxifmt/130
Microsoft PowerPoint2007 onwards.pptx .pptfmt/215
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation4.pptx-fmt/88
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation95.pptfmt/125
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation97-2003.pptfmt/126
Harvard Graphics Presentation1.3.shwx-fmt/324
Graphic formatsVersionFile extensionPUID
JPEG 20001.jp2x-fmt/392
JPEG File Interchange Format1.jpeg .jpe .jpgfmt/42
JPEG File Interchange Format1.01.jpeg .jpe .jpgfmt/43
JPEG File Interchange Format1.02.jpeg .jpe .jpgfmt/44
Tagged image file format.tif .tifffmt/353
OpenOffice Draw1.sxdfmt/127
OpenDocument Graphics1.odg .otgfmt/139
OpenDocument Graphics1.1.odg .otgfmt/296
OpenDocument Graphics1.2.odg .otgfmt/297
Portable Network Graphics1.pngfmt/11
Portable Network Graphics1.1.pngfmt/12
Portable Network Graphics1.2.pngfmt/13
Graphics Interchange Format87a.giffmt/3
Graphics Interchange Format89a.giffmt/4
Windows Bitmap1.ddb .bmpfmt/14
Windows Bitmap2.bmp .dibfmt/15
Windows Bitmap3.dib .bmpfmt/16
Windows Bitmap3 NT.dib .bmpfmt/17
Windows Bitmap4.bmp .dibfmt/18
Windows Bitmap5.bmp .dibfmt/19
Corel Draw1.cdrfmt/467
Corel Draw10.cdrx-fmt/375
Corel Draw11.cdrx-fmt/378
Corel Draw12.cdrfmt/427
Corel Draw2.cdrfmt/466
Corel Draw3.cdrx-fmt/379
Corel Draw4.cdrfmt/465
Corel Draw5.cdrfmt/464
Corel Draw6.cdrx-fmt/29
Corel Draw7.cdrx-fmt/291
Corel Draw8.cdrx-fmt/292
Corel Draw9.cdrx-fmt/374
Corel DrawX3.cdrfmt/428
Corel DrawX4.cdrfmt/429
Corel DrawX5.cdrfmt/430
Adobe Digital Negative1.dngfmt/436
Adobe Digital Negative1.1.dng .tif .tifffmt/152
Adobe Digital Negative1.2.dngfmt/437
Adobe Digital Negative1.3.dngfmt/438
Microsoft Visio Drawing2000.vsdx-fmt/258
Microsoft Visio Drawing2002.vsdx-fmt/259
Microsoft Visio Drawing2003.vsdfmt/443
Microsoft Visio Drawing5.vsdx-fmt/113
Audio formatsVersionFile extensionPUID
Waveform Audio Format .wavfmt/6
Waveform Audio Format (PCMWAVEFORMAT) .wav .wavefmt/141
Waveform Audio Format (WAVEFORMATEX) .wav .wavefmt/142
Waveform Audio Format (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE) .wav .wavefmt/143
Broadcast Wave Format0.wavfmt/1
Broadcast Wave Format1.wavfmt/2
Broadcast Wave Format2.wavfmt/527
Ogg Vorbis.ogg .ogafmt/203
Windows Media Audio.wma .asffmt/132
MIDI Audio.midx-fmt/230
MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer 3.mp3fmt/134
MPEG-4.mp4 .m4v . M4a .f4v .f4afmt/199
Video formatsversionFile extensionPUID
Material Exchange Format.mxffmt/200
Adobe Flash8.swffmt/505
Adobe Flash9.swffmt/506
Adobe Flash10.swffmt/507
MPEG-1 Program Stream.mpg .mpegx-fmt/385
MPEG-2 Program Stream.mpg .mpegx-fmt/386
MPEG-1 Elementary Stream.mpg .mpegfmt/649
MPEG-2 Elementary Stream.mpg .mpeg .m1vfmt/640
Motion JPEG 2000.mj2 .mjp2 .m2vfmt/337
Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed Multimedia File.ogg fmt/203
Windows Media Video.wmv .asffmt/133
Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (WVC1)9 Advanced Profile (WVC1).wmv fmt/441
Macromedia Flash1.swffmt/104
Macromedia Flash2.swffmt/105
Macromedia Flash3.swffmt/106
Macromedia Flash4.swffmt/107
Macromedia Flash5.swffmt/108
Macromedia Flash6.swffmt/109
Macromedia Flash7.swffmt/110 .qtmx-fmt/384
MPEG-4.mp4 .m4v . M4a .f4v .f4afmt/199
Email formatsversionFile extensionPUID
Internet Message Format.emlfmt/278
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders.pstx-fmt/250
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders.pstx-fmt/251
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders1997-2002.pstx-fmt/248
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders2003-2007.pstx-fmt/249
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders97-2003.msgx-fmt/430
Other FormatsVersionFile extensionPUID
Microsoft Project2000.mppx-fmt/246
Microsoft Project2000-2003.mppx-fmt/247
Microsoft Project2007.mppfmt/440
Microsoft Project4.mppx-fmt/243
Microsoft Project95.mppx-fmt/244
Microsoft Project98.mppx-fmt/245