‘intercede for us’

Sarah Hancot writes to the Poor Law Commissioners on behalf of her family. Her husband, Thomas, is unable to work. She includes a photographic portrait of him to show that he is a hardworking and respectable man, 20 May 1873, Catalogue ref: MH12/15481.

Poor Law Union: Sheffield

Union counties: Yorkshire


Sir, I hope you will excuse me writing these few lines to you.  This is to inform you how we are situated. My husband has been ill for a long time we have been obliged to trouble the parish but not before we sold most of our goods to live on. They are allowing me 5 shillings a week for my husband and four little children. The oldest is six years of age. It has been such a small amount, it will [provide] bread for us, I have been a rate payer for the last 24 years. I am sorry to trouble you but we are in great need of it at this time. I hope your lordships will intercede for us. I hope you will excuse me sending my husband’s photograph. He has been a hardworking man for 43 years in the iron and steel works,

Sarah and Thomas Hancot

[N.B. Studio photographic portrait of Thomas Hancot included]

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