‘brutal conduct’

A letter from a homeless man who has lost a leg and has been turned away from the workhouse, 7 September 1859, Catalogue ref: MH12/13965

Poor Law Union: Dudley

Union counties: Worcestershire and Staffordshire


Dudley Sept 1859

Gentlemen, I wish to inform you of the brutal conduct of Mr Slittard the governor of the union at Dudley to me Samuel Hall. I am a poor cripple I have lost my leg and through the pain in the stump I cannot work for I cannot hardly hobble. I was forced to go to the workhouse & on Sunday night for my lodgings upon account of being turned out for debt. I went to the relieving officer on Monday morning for a note for the house he gave me one. I first went to the house and gave my note to the porter and was sent to the receiving ward the governor came with the order and turned me out and told me that he should not take me in with that order as I belonged to Sedgley. I must go to Sedgley for my order. I have been living in Dudley more than 12 months and working in the pit and through the pain of my stump I am forced to leave my work. I am houseless and homeless and so lame that I can scarcely drag my leg after me and now I am turned out to perish. I shall be forced to lie by the coke fires or throw myself on the police and then I shall be sent to gaol …

Signed                                        Samuel Hall

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