John Blanke

This document comes from the records kept by the Treasurer of the Chamber who looked after the royal finances. It shows how much John Blanke, a black trumpeter who performed at the courts of both King Henry VII and King Henry VIII was paid. He is one of the earliest black individuals in England to be recorded. (Catalogue ref: E 36/214, f. 109)


Item to John blanke the blacke Trumpet for his moneth wages of [November] last passed at viij d the day – [8d or 4p per day]

Item to Sir Rice ap Thomas’ servant that brought metheglee to the king for his reward xx s [20 shillings] and for the cariage of the same xx s [20 shillings]

Summa parles lx s. [60 shillings]

S[u]m totals of this wek aforesaid Lix li iiijs vijd[£59, 4 shillings, 7 pence]

xx s. [20 shillings]

xls [40 shillings]

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