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Blackpool Health & pleasure resort 1889 (COPY 1/88 f.593)









The climate is remarkably equable, the summer cool, the winter not severe. The temperature of Blackpool is midway between the two extremes, those places which are above it, being almost without exception, situated in the extreme south of England. Compared with other leading health-resorts, Blackpool occupies a very favourable position in respect of dryness of atmosphere (a most important attribute of a health resort), clearness of sky, amount of sunshine, and uniformity of temperature.



High Sanitary Condition and Low Death-Rate.

The grand Open Sea and splendid Bathing Ground.

The new Electric Tramways on the Promenade.

The Promenade illuminated with the Electric Light.

The North and South Piers.

The Winter Gardens, Pavilion, and Opera House.

The Royal Palace Gardens.

The Aquarium, Menagerie, and Aviary.

The Theatres, Baths, Belle Vue Gardens, &c.

Continuous Steamboat Traffic at reduced fares, from both Piers for Douglas, Llandudno, Furness Abbey, Liverpool, Morecambe, Glasson Dock, and Southport, and for hourly trips to sea.



BLACKPOOL, with its magnificent Sea, is only about 30 minutes’ journey by train from Preston, and abounds in first class Hotels, Coffee Palaces, Dining Rooms, Boarding-houses, and Private Apartments, providing together accommodation for upwards of 80,000 visitors at one time.

Excellent Sailing and other Pleasure Boats, under experienced boatmen, ply daily.

Superior Landaus and other conveyances are constantly on hire at very reasonable rates.


Through Bookings from all Stations on the

Manchester, Sheffield, & Lincolnshire Railway

Official Guide, with Map, &c., to be had at the RAILWAY BOOKSTALLS throughout England.


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8. This is a poster advertising Blackpool from 1889.

  • What kind of things would you have been able to do when you visited Blackpool?
  • Do you think it was a popular resort? Why?
  • Think about what you know about modern Blackpool, how does it compare with what is on this poster?