Hampton Court Conference

Names of bishops and ministers appointed for the Hampton Court Conference, 12 January 1604 (catalogue ref: SP 14/6 f.44)

In early 1604, James I attempted to soothe some of the divisions in the church by holding a religious conference at Hampton Court. This source contains names of bishops and ministers who were invited to attend.


Bishops for the conference The 12th of January 1604

  1. Archbishop of Canterbury
  2. Bishop of London
  3. Bishop of Winchester
  4. Bishop of Chichester Amner
  5. Bishop of Worcester Babingtone
  6. Bishop of St David’s
  7. Bishop of Durham
  8. Bishop of Carlisle

Ministers for the Conference

  1. Doctor Rainolds [Reynolds] in Oxford
  2. Doctor Spark in Buckinghamshire
  3. Doctor Field in Hampshire or Mr Hilderschine in Leicestershire
  4. Mr Cartwright at Warwick
  5. Mr Chattertone in Cambridge
  6. Mr Fenne in Warwickshire at Coventry in place of Mr Iretone
  7. Mr Knevstubbis in Suffolk
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